A barn cat at the riding stable.

by Sobering Geoff

a barn cat at the riding stable seeking critique sobering geoff

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Published: Thursday 5th of April 2007 06:15:41 PM


Michael Chang
Geoff, I find this picture intriguing in part because I once had a cat just like this fellow. I agree with your feeling; it does look somewhat flat but curiously, nothing I tried really did much to "improve" the feel.

I've attached a best effort: background and foreground blurred, and a boost in contrast which had the effect of intensifying the saturation. I'm not sure if it's better, though.

I noticed you might have blurred the concrete (window?) frame bordering the image presumably because it was distracting.

Geoff Sobering
Barn Cat Any critique welcome, but I'm especially interested in color/contrast suggestions. It's a somewhat flat image, and I like the feeling, but I'm trying to add a bit of "zip", too.

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