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Published: Wednesday 4th of April 2007 10:47:25 PM


Wayne Willis
great image - well captured - however the reflection looks a little unnatural -maybe some PP could make it look more realistic. 6/6

Chuck Turner
Really good and original bird photos are uncommon. This is one.

Tomaso Nigris
Beatiful capture.

Mariusz Pawlowski
7/7 Excellent composition and light! Beautiful work, Well done,best regards.

Hans vd Griendt

Stephan Brauchli
Excellent bird shot the reflection looks unnatural though (too tightly jagged - have you tried a less frequent one?), but man is this an awesome eagle shot.

Will King
Wow. Simply awesome. Perfect timing on the capture, with it's wings up. Love the background. The smokiness really adds to the mystique.

Omar Martinez
Excelent Photo! 7/7 Excelent! Congratulations

Leonid Padrul
Beatiful capture, Jody.

Dave Dube
Jody, the eagle shot is great. It would seem that many posters didn't realize that you've created this presentation??

The use of liquify just doesn't fit the bill, in my view. Background is rather prehistoric looking, like something out of Bryce Canyon. The highlight of the clouds maybe a little too bright for the overall darkness of the background. You might try your blur sponge over the liquify water reflection.

I do think you've done a terrrific job. If I was to actually suggest just one thing, it would be a backdrop of a coastal area and not one that looks like canyonlands.

Again, great job, Dave

Jody Melanson
Eagle on the hunt please view larger....

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