On the hunt.

by Melanson Jody

on the hunt seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Wednesday 4th of April 2007 10:41:35 PM


Chris Christy
ON THE HUNT? this is a great photo, well balanced and ok composition. except the eye goes back and forth between the eagle and the lighthouse (it is a lighthouse isn't it?). a third element would be nice. the main problem i have is not in the photo but in the title. i've seen loads of bald eagles and they're almost always sitting in a tree and waiting for the ospreys to catch something. then they take off and chase the osprey until he drops the fish. scavangers and bullies. hardly appropriate as a symbol for the us of a. or is it?

willy setiadi
Great Shot...

Dale L
Very cool looking shot.

Janet Brown
Beautiful series...

Joseph Darmenia
Execellent work Love it, well done.

Roger Sandgren
Superb, congrat

Jody Melanson
Eagle on the hunt please view larger....

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