Paul 300

by Chepikian Paul

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Published: Wednesday 4th of April 2007 01:26:35 AM


Derrick Doose
I love it. the composition, the color, the lighting. I love it, just LOVE IT

Theo Keijzers
Very nicely done, love the composition and color of this.

Paul Chepikian
Derrick, Theo, Biliana: Thanks so much for the comments. I was very excited about this series. Having always wanted to be a painter, this technique is very satfisfying. The trick is to record the procedures as you go along. This isn't one single filter but a series of filters and adjustments. Thanks again for stopping by to see the work and more importantly, taking the time to comment.

Kent B
Great work Paul. Nice artistic touch.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Kent: Good hearing from you. I've been wanting to explore working with my images in post but feared what people would think. Isn't that amazing? I'll be 52 come the 13th of April and I'm still worried about what people will think. When will it ever end :-) Thanks for the comment.

Barry F - Oklahoma
Hi, Paul, Just came by to see what you are doing. This is very strong - great portrait. The colored material is a good touch, as well. Forehead is a little hot, but goes with the intensity of the shot. Good job. Cheers

JF Ochoa
Hi, Paul! Great and comp are excellent. Very strong. Congrats!

Frits Nieuwenburg
The feeling I'm getting from this picture is that it's about a sorrowed egyptian king looking out of his window. Very strong picture, and love the primitive tribal stoneage reds in there. Very well done Paul.

Paul Chepikian
I guess my Middle Eastern ancsestory has come glaring through. I am Greek Armenian, born in Saudi Arabia, I've lived in Beirut, Lebenon and Cairo, Egypt but I grew in in New Jersey. Whew... Thanks, Frits!

Paul Chepikian
Paul 300 Experimenting with filters AND more importantly, trying to establish a way of recreating effects.

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