by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Kids II

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Category: Family

Published: Tuesday 3rd of April 2007 01:50:36 PM


Ema Popa
Beautiful lighting and atmosphere!

James E Pelealu
7/7 Td sore udah liat di FN tapi gak puas, so di liat lagi. Mantap!!! keren abis TOne dan komposisinya, Tonenya seger banget... Salute

Francesco Martini
beautiful the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amer Jassim
Well done..!

Blaz Dolenc
I love your pictures of kids.They tell a great story..7/7 Blaz

Ray Yeager
Maybe ordinary kids, but not an ordinary photo. Wonderful atmosphere and great lighting. Nice job!

Javed Chawla
7/7 beautiful light and enviroment,,regards

Hamed Bidi
Heavenly Light! It reminds me Heaven! with innocent children playing under Heavenly light...

C Brake
I've really enjoyed your series. I especially like that you are able to be far enough away to be unobtrusive and yet capture the magic of the moments you've shared.

Serena Santoni

timothy burns
masterful work; shows such joy in reading.

Pansa Sunavee
Artistic light.

Felix Diaz
Your photos have a magical quality. Congratulations on a beautiful portfolio.

Janis OKelley
You really do capture the light extremly well! Just beautiful...and quite playful. Are these kids yours? Anyway, great shot! J

Jaap Hart
These are not ordinary kids, and the shot is not ordinary either. My sons are of their age, and I can only hope that I can take a photo like this one from them that they could cherish for the rest of their lives.

João Vinhas Reis
Very good moment ...with such an incredible light. Greetings.

Sachin Patke
Simply gorgeous, the subject, the lighting and the execution.

Richard Karas
RARINDA Lovely image R, superb lighting and composition. The contrasting lighting from the foreground to the mist in the rear makes an exceptional capture. Congratulation, rek.

Robert Semnic
i like your composition and light though the fase of the reading boy is too much enlightened (the Sun is shining from the left)

Hernan Galicia
great work you really have good work.

Hasan Ghodrati
Great photoshop! To John M. John, if you used the very same plugin for Photoshop and maniplulated a rather ordinary picture, you would have had the very same outcome. It is that simple! Even though the maniplulation done very well, yet if you look at the lighting carefully, you will find out that it is not consistent in all parts of the picture. Basically there is no such light in the nauture as seen here! Regards - Hasan

Tonny Trisnawan
Selalu memukau.. foto2 nya selalu cantik Pak.. Jadi saya nikmatin aja deh.. Thx for sharing :) Salam Tonny

Rarindra Prakarsa
tank you A gift to be Indonesian John.

Alex Milarakis
An stunning photo with excellent composition and perfect lighting. Congrats !

John MacPherson
I dont often comment on work, but I will comment on this image. This is the kind of work that other pnet users should aspire to produce. This is a lovely image, it is well observed, composed with sufficient space around the main subjects for the image to 'breathe', and is beautifully framed by the tree. Even better is the way the subjects are unaware of the photographer, and the relationship between the subjects is very well balanced. But as if all of this was not enough the photographer has used the lighting to excellent effect, and the light reflecting off the book into the face and chest of the boy on the right is just sublime. This is a superb image, which I would be proud to have taken. It should serve as an example to we aspiring photographers that great opportunities are all around us in the ordinary stuff of life, it simply needs a talented photographic eye to notice it, and the skill to capture it. I take my hat off to you Rarinidra and bow graciously before you! Congratulations on a fine fine image.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful 7/7

Carolyn Dalessandro
Wow! You are a true inspiration for us beginners. This image speaks loudly. Its magical!

John MacPherson
"Hasan Ghodratiphoto.net patron, September 13, 2007; 08:25 A.M. Great photoshop! To John M. John, if you used the very same plugin for Photoshop and maniplulated a rather ordinary picture, you would have had the very same outcome. It is that simple! Even though the maniplulation done very well, yet if you look at the lighting carefully, you will find out that it is not consistent in all parts of the picture. Basically there is no such light in the nauture as seen here! Regards - Hasan" ................................................................................ Hasan - What! Would you care to provide proof of this assertion (which I consider an insult to the photographer)? Why would the lighting be consistent in all parts of the picture? How much do you really know about the lighting in this image? If its that 'simple' to achieve this effect why do I see no similar images in YOUR collection? What is the Plugin that been used here? There may be some careful prep work in Pshop in this image, but the original image itself is what matters. Your comments sound like envy. Or if I was more impolite, a crock of bullsh*t. Regards JOHN (ps I did really like your 'dreamy trees' image, but its not in the same class as this!)

Carlos Gonzalez
Amazing! Oh yeah, I find four kids reading in the forrest with perfect lighting and expressions all the time haha....simple amazing. Great shot. Love it. Thanks!

Hasan Ghodrati
John M. Hi John, First of all, I meant no offence to the photographer. I am not here to argue, I am simply stating that even the photographer admits that he has done so much of dodging and burning, so it is not a secret. If you look at his portfolio, you will see the pattern and how he and a few other Indonesian photographers use the very same technique. I am not the only one who questions the photographer about the technique beside there are many people who truly believe this is just a manipulation of a simple picture, please see below and someone even gets frustrated over the fact that so many people keep admiring the light while it is not the true light but just a virtual light as a result of the manipulation. http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5555957 http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5302496 http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=4933740 http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=4933740 The link below is to work of another Indonesian photographer who uses the very same technique and none of them ever divulge the secret (I do not blame them!). In my comment, I have admired his skills in manipulating the picture. http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6027856 I also enhance my pictures in Photoshop as long as they look natural. I do appreciate your compliment about the "Dreamy trees". Thank you. Regards - Hasan

David Seltzer
Wonderful Your work is simply wonderful. I've admired it since I joined PN. In fact, your picture of the fisherman with the illuminated net is one of the first that caught my eye when I first came here. I'm certainly interested in how you achieve your results, but that's quite secondary to the pleasure and other emotions evoked by your very excellent work (however you do it!). To John M. - I share your sentiments and to add my very un-expert opinion, it looks to me like the light is quite consistently from the upper left with the only exception the light on the reader's face. I'd bet that's a bit of dodging... no more than that. Whatever the PS technique, the shot is extremely well seen and composed, technically beautifully executed, and one I'd gladly have in my own portfolio if I had the gift Rarindra posesses.

John MacPherson
Hi Hasan - thanks for coming back with this. Appreciate it (and the links). I dont doubt there's some Pshop manipulation going on. Even the most skilled photogs use pshop - in the same was as the best film photogs used the darkroom. However no matter what has been done, the basic image is very very good and the Pshop 'manipulation' is really only enhancing what is otherwise a really well observed and taken image. ALL of that makes this image work for me. Too many pnet images dont work for me because the images are not that good to start with and a lot of pshop work hasn't saved them. What I took offence at in your comment was the throwaway line "if you used the very same plugin for Photoshop and maniplulated a rather ordinary picture, you would have had the very same outcome" and what that implied. That you go online, buy a $30 plug in, and hey presto! instant sublime lighting effect. If there is a plugin like that I WANT ONE! I dont think it is that simple! I dont think I could do it that easily. And the original image is NOT that ordinary. A lot of skill and effort went into this picture and the final result is very good. (if I was to be critical I'd have to say I dont like the too-green colour cast and would lift that slightly and bring in a wee touch of blue to the highlights- but thats a personal preference and not a prescription). Manipulating lighting in pshop is a real skill, one which too few people possess. Anyway - we all learn from this, and a good discussion is part of that process. And its a generous man who comes back and offers an 'apology', although I dont think you really meant any offence. Good luck in your image making JOHN ps if you locate that special light plugin filter, I'll buy it off you :-)

Kelley Layne Fawbush
lovely this photo just makes me smile. It's absolutely wonderful!

Paula Grenside
Sweet scene, with a splendid light

Jurģis Peters
Greetings. Great job. Looks idealistic.

rabinder bhandari
GREAT STORY TELLING SHOT Hello Rarindra, Really this shot is an attractive one and catches eye immediately and well capture of a fine moment of story telling with very nice focus, beautiful composition and very nice capture of expressions... rabinder bhandari

Hasan Ghodrati
To John M. Hi John, no problem. as I said before I had no intention to offend anyone and if anyone is offended, I sincerely apologize. Also, click on the link below and the Indonesian photographer has generously explained at my request what he has done to his picture to make it look the way it does. Please see his comments at: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6027856. Another Indonesian photographer at the URL: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6435991 is insinuating that there are such plugins as I do believe that there are, they are not free! Thanks John and all the best to you as well in taking great pictures. Regards - Hasan

Ankur Thatai
wonderful light, PS work, and scene.... great photograph

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Wonderful photo Rarindra. Beautiful composition and light. Congratulations. 7/7

Mari Owen
Magnificent light Rarindra, i'm a big fan of your work, its superb Mari

Arief Novisto
Wow... You have talents. And I just look at your portfolio, I was overwhelmed. Thank you for making a beautiful pictures of peoples and country of Indonesia. As for the undermining comments; I remember this anecdotes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_of_Columbus

Michael Chang
Simply charming. That little reflected light off the book... priceless.

Sarah Fox
Good photography is 50% a good eye for composition, 50% patience, and 50% knowing what to do with the photo once it comes out of the camera. (Yes, that's 150% total.) This is a magical image, and I am not bothered in the least by the manipulations in the photograph. It all works. Excellent use of light and color! Wonderful! :-)

annamir abadaniell
LUARBIASA!!! Wah, moment yang amat mengujakan! Komposisi yang keren gitu! :)

Santhosh Korambil
Wonderful To say the least, your compositions are marvellous and whatever technique that you have used, you have mastered it. Congratulations! Great work!

Rarindra Prakarsa
Learn Ordinary kids of Indonesia.

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