ZD 795

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Fashion

Published: Monday 2nd of April 2007 11:31:58 PM


Massimo Santoni
the colors and the lighting make a sensual atmosphere as the pose and her looking. a beautiful work, John!!

Stefan Rohner
take a beauty, place her, take the picture, excuse me, but thats all what I can "see" here... regards Stefan

Anthony J Deffina
It's the little things! The black in the lower left and upper right. Her head tilting one way and the lamp shade tilting the other. The parking garage outside. Patches of red, blue and yellow & pink. I'm stuck loving this one John! -Anthony

Sweid Sideris
"...my parents are out of the city for a while... and I'm feeling so lonely this siesta.. don't you wish to drink a lemonade with me at home?... OK, I'll be with you in a minute... Oh, my dear, you're welcome..." Clack! phone hanged, and the hot of the siesta feels so wet, and so passionate. I agree absolutely with Juan, here you've created an accurate atmosphera, you've created a spicy story of passion. She's challenging the observer, she's telling us that she's not afraid of anything, she don't care about our opinions on her behaviour, she's so young but so strong at the same time, she want, she wish, she know what she wish and the way to get it. Like always John, true photography is beyond technical considerations, true photography is the moving impact on the observer. And you did it.

John Peri
STEFAN: "take a beauty, place her, take the picture ... " Hmm, You make it sound so easy ... :-) ... I find it quite a challenge actually. That being said, nothing special in this photo Stefan ... other than it may let us dream a little!

John Peri
Carlos, Anthony, thank you. I guess it's liitle thing in an image that often mean the most to us and allow us to identify with it. In this case for me it is in the look of the model. She not only challenges as Carlos says but disarms me totally. I simply cannot look at her and think anything but the truth. I don't think that the beauty alone can do that.

Alberto Quintal
Lovely. Alberto

Glenwood Sherry
A brilliant 7/7... John, I am really impressed with the direction that your work is heading; this image shows that you have grasped a strong editorial statement in your work, and you are embracing it. This shot is so far beyond the norm on PN, it deserves it's own category, intelligent AND sexy. Where to start: The counterpoint tension of the throw and the painting; the tilt of the lamp shade and the mirrored tilt of the shoulder; the yellow tones on her right thigh echoing the golden glow on the walls; the refined look of the model set off against the industrial parking garage; and so forth. And the model: Young and sexy, with an obvious intelligence; flirty, with the dropped left shoulder strap, and the hand suggestively lifting the skirt; confident, as she strikes a pose so casual, her weight thrown onto her right hand, and her bent right leg. She does not need to be naked to be erotic. This is an image that I would expect in one of the fashion spreads in Europe, it is that good. It is exciting to watch where this new approach is taking you. As always, with respect, Glenwood

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Lovely colorplay and the excellent pose . . . . . makes it really unique.

John Larson
Love the soft colors. Sexy pose, beautiful model.

Alon Eshel
I love the composition with the parking , Out of the window , on the left and the painting on the right and lamp & model at center , Breliant . Her posing is so sensual and the light in the scene is marvelous

Michael Meneklis
Intereasting color tones in a very natural pose.

Umair Ghani
great shot!!!! Carlos Chavez describes it so beautifully. challanges r easy 2take 4 the brave ones. u did it!!! regards!

Michael Meneklis
I want to send you a mail now, in wich one ?

John Peri
Thanks Michael. To the johnperi@noos.fr address please. Many many thanks ... I set up my computer again tonight or tomorrow ..

John Peri
No title .

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