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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 1st of April 2007 10:44:02 PM


Sweid Sideris
Mon Dieu! Dios mio! Mein Gott! Oh my God!! Meu Deus!(just in case he does exists in a multilingual version) Such a pair of legs! Perfect tone and shape! This last upload has more soul, is strongest, dynamic, fun, plenty of beauty and sex appeal. She's a box of surprises John. Bad mood? You? Come on John, relief pressure on yourself and enjoy even the failures... ;-D)

John Peri
Can you imagine laughing at me like that while I am working so hard .. she put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day ... :-)

John Peri
Might be too dark. I'm posting from a laptop ...

John Peri
How embarrassing, yes .. lol .. this is rough work I had on the laptop. I corrected those failings above ... thanks .. I also found this snapshot of the model making fun of me at one moment .. I was quick off the mark !

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful great work as always, John. Alberto

Fran Garcia
excellent how always John

Sweid Sideris
Perhaps John, just a little step up of bright could help to improve definition on her hair, but beyond it I don't see more details deserving a critique. Anyway, very well composed, I like her body language and her facial expression, and color of her skin! Only this dressoir(or table,I don't know)at the background just behind her is boring me a bit, I imagine her figure and especially her delicate right hand contrasting against these clean wall. Never mind, an amateur opinion. She's stunning. P.S. I'm a bit embarassed because your high opinion about my skills as a photographer, I don't think it about myself, but coming from you this comment has a large weight on my brain, so, I started to making myself a lot of questions. Thanks a lot John.

John Peri
Never mind Glenwood. I will continue to do my duty whenever called upon - read sad expression!

Glenwood Sherry
Bad mood? John, It is a shame that photography is such a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Should the pressures of working under such conditions prove too much to bear, please let me know. I would consider it the ultimate self-sacrifice to work with such a model. As always, with regards, Glenwood

Glenwood Sherry
John You are a better man than I, Gunga Din. Your humble servant, Glenwood

Michael Meneklis
Very nice capture and natural light. Bravo John.

Glenwood Sherry
Almost there.... John, First of all, the positives of this image are very strong, so I'll touch base with them, first: The model is very beautiful, with an exotic verve, an enigmatic charisma that draws the viewer to her. An inquistive expression, the quick-captured right hand, the subtle eroticism of her state of undress, all excellent. The negatives: The lighting is flat and lacks depth. Though the DoF is effective, the lit back wall in the kitchen, plus the white counter, diminish the sense of mystery. Her hair needs some highlights, and the right leg some modeling. The back wall is fine; I find that the console table keeps her right hand anchored. Without it, the hand would just be floating in mid-air. There also seems to be two hiccups in the print: There is a doubled image of the intercom on the left, and the plane of the landing seems to be offset near the corner, above her right knee. Still, all-in-all, an image that most of us could never pull off. Only you. Hope that you get your computer up and running soon. Till next time: The warmest regards, Glenwood

tonycro toni
Amazing photo

John Peri
No title .

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