Zt 47

by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 28th of March 2007 11:02:24 PM


John Peri
Hy Michael, I checked again and no, unfortunately it's not there. Maybe hotmail filtered it out as spam? Maybe it's better to try johnperi@noos.fr but my computer has blown up and I will not be able to print it out until it is repaired .... sorry to be putting you to trouble again ..

Alec Ee
Her body is really well toned and her easy going way is a joy to look at. The light quality is also quite unique John.

Glenwood Sherry
Nice, but... John, A nice image, with well done blue/green tones. But the shot seems static, without the usual editorial depth or charactor developement. It is as if the model is playing "Model", stiking a pose rather than "being" the pose. And the centered design does not direct the eye to explore. (Cropping the image just to the left of her right hand would have thrown the image off-balance, creating more visual energy). All-in-all, an attractive image, well-crafted, but not memorable. As always, my regards, Glenwood

Michael Meneklis
I agree with Alec completely. I answered to you. I send you e-mail at 25-3, didn't you receive it ? ( hotmail )

Alberto Quintal
HI John Lovely. Alberto

John Peri
Fully agree with the analysis, an average shot by any measure. No story line here. just a photo that I thought the model may enjoy. Thank you.

John Peri
Oh dear .. my computer just blew up. I am writing from a laptop! My images will cease for a while ...

Sorin Vidis
Not one of your best but the model's graceful and yet powerful attitude does the trick again... I would really apreciate your feedback on my humble try outs from the nudes category...although digitaly altered... Thank you John Best regards Sorin

John Peri
In the heat of the night .. .

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