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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Michael Meneklis
Bright eyes in a very attractive synthesis. The beauty of simplicity.

John Peri
Thanks Thomas. I agree of course with all three points. The photo is a little careless, but I liked the expression ...

Roel Steenstra
very nice picture! very nice soft tones and very pleasant and open expression and look which goes very well with the nonchalance of her pose. very well done

Thomas Carrage
yep Nice picture, Roel already said a lot about it. My only regrets -The left arm a bit bright to bright -The head is maybe to much bent -A shadow a bit strong under the chin Well done anyway, I like this portrait very much :)

Janusz Taras
glance force Big glance force,excellent bw portrait,7/7.

Glenwood Sherry
A 7/7 the hard way... John, Congrats on a remarkable image; one that does not impress at first viewing, but which keeps drawing you back. In the beginning you notice many of the "flaws": Awkward pose; harsh lighting; sickly skin tones; that object (counter?) her left arm is resting on. The image seems nothing more than a haphazard snap-shot. But you keep coming back to the eyes. You then notice how the left arm, and the collar of the dress both lead the viewer back to the eyes; a perfect pyramid compostition. Then more details emerge:The placement in the hallway (has she arrived, or is she leaving?); the casually exposed right breast; the slighty pursed lips; the uncombed hair. She is nature's sprite of the streets, a celluloid child-woman Fellini once reminisced about (or perhaps, one of the whores in "Seven Beauties"). Then it hits you what a masterful trick it is to play, to create a structure that appears unstructured; to stylise an image so unstylish; to shape something that seems to have sprung up from nothing. And, more importantly, bring to us a person not to be ignored. And allow the eyes to be the message. She is a challange, the image, and the woman. And that, John, is the mark of great art. With regards, Glenwood

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .

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