A beggar with only one foot in the subway of bucharest.

by Ursu Mihail

a beggar with only one foot in the subway of bucha seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Monday 26th of March 2007 02:10:26 PM


Arond A.
Not at all. Highly interesting. The silver square adds much to. It could be a line of invisibility. So often people are in our presence and yet we ignore them, not wanting to look or draw attention to their disability. Very strong image.

Micky Kedar
although disturbing, excellent composition and capture!

Debasish Chatterjee
Very nice composition and tones. I like the distortion of the rectangle, and I agree with Florian. Best regards.

Mihail Ursu
Thank you, I will definitely give it a try.

florian r.
yes indeed very good photo, the compo is an eyecatcher and reveals its full power and meaning when looked at closer. have you thought about lightning the background a bit? the foot would stand out even more and i guess it would be even better.

Mihail Ursu
A beggar in Bucharest subway....or about squares and stability. Sorry if you find this picture disturbing...please feel free to tell me your opinions...in fact I would very much appreciate it.

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