Waiting For The Signal

by Cromwell Scott

waiting for the signal retriever labrador dog yellow l cromwell scott

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Published: Monday 26th of March 2007 12:15:01 AM


Scott Cromwell
It's funny you mentioned the title, Kevin. I didn't like "Attentive", so I'm changing it to what Ted said, "Waiting For The Signal". I shot this yesterday after I waded out to the middle of the pond...still plenty of dead grass around from winter. I was trying to get some good action shots, but I never got one that I was happy with. I didn't intend for this to be a keeper. I just started shooting an instant before I released her and it ended up being better than the splash shots.

Kevin Walsh
I would have titled it "Focus", but I'm always looking for a pun. I like the way the dog's colors both blend and contrast with the tans and browns. Autum or pre spring? Composed slightly off center, especially to the left, is good. He's poised to leave the frame - not leaning onto it. Nice shot! Were the guys in the other blind shooting the ducks? Now there's a pun.lol

Ted Gorczyca
he is just waiting for the signal. A labs favorite place, nice shot.

Scott Cromwell
attentive ****

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