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Gallery: Made in Brazil

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Published: Friday 15th of February 2002 12:19:22 PM


Bob Helvey
Statement of Faith I hope it is okay to print this for my church.

Edsel Oliveira
Seu trabalho é espetacular. Tocante e profundo. Parabéns.

Craig Kunitsky
Terrific shot!

Paul Ferraris
7/7 Nice work, a great glow from the man head.

Stephen Hickel
Paulo, Thanks for rating my photos. Your suggestions are helpful. I have already reworked the popcorn stand by lightening it up a tad and adding more contrast. Unfortunatly I can not get the clowns' heads back as they are not in the original taken many years ago. Regarding the Fair pictures, the sky was already quite dark and I see what you mean about the left side being darker. On my monitor I show the right and left about the same, but will look at it again. Thanks again. Steve

Sue Cllapsadle
Faith 7/7 Sue

Jason Williams
Inspirational, excellent light, great shot!

Paulo Pampolin
Prayer Let me know your opinion

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