by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Published: Sunday 25th of March 2007 02:29:12 PM


Reyhan Taravati
Wow ! I love the title and the photo both but it can't be real ... It's not just a picture is it ? Wonderful shot ... but could you tell me a little about what you have done ?! Thanx for sharing such a nice photo !! Good luck

Marta Eva LLamera

Swarnendu Ghosh
It's a very nice surreal photo...!!! So, I am not going to tell u that shadows of umbrellas are not real!!!

Nadeem Khawar
Simply I will say Excilent...

Sorin Vidis
I see Dali's genius in it....acward discrepancies and perfect processing... Remarcable Best regards Sorin

Jack Fitzgerald

Alija Kamber
Rarindra my friend are you going mad? Excellent photo.

Ruud Albers
Excellent original work, Rarindra! Best regards, Ruud.

Stephen Galea
Suberb.....You have got one of the best portfolios on the net... Great work!

Torgeir Havn
Hehe, i love these surreal pictures. Small details like the smoke coming from the fish makes it more alive for me. Good idea and incredible well done! Only things i got to complain a bit on is that the shadow of the kid seems a bit off for me. Plus i would drop the umbrellas on the "floor". But i really like the kid and the umbrella.. Cool picture! -T.H

Manuel Barrera
great work 7 x 7, even if the shadows of the umbrellas may not be perfect, but then it is not this world and who knows how the light is in that world, great work!

Ge Ma
Una imagen encantadora. Muy original y bonita.

Ben Goossens
7/7 I love those phantasy image...waiting for others:-)))) Best regards, ben

Sasho Alushevski
7/7 ...as usual :-)

mew ling
freaking good i swear!

Michelle Wolfe
You have been sipping Absinth again!! Interesting image. I don't know if I would classify it as a photo.

Marino Thorlacius

Mari R
Magic, unique, interesting, very artistic, Rarindra, congrats!

Iryna Smolych
7/7 Fantastic work!

Ed Yuen
Cool, I love this kind of surreal work. It takes a certain mind to create work like this. The fish look like dried specimens, is that what you used as the base element? Kind of reminds me of dreams I've had....

Jana Vanourkova
original and beautiful. Great image that I prefer to Your "sun radiation" images. cheers Jana

Christal Steele
Unbelievably creative. I love it! Bravo!

Catalin Burnea
Simply 7/7.

Matthew Menton
I don't really understand pictures like this, although I can appreciate the time and talent it must take to creat it. But a girl with an umbrella on a fish?

Graham Peel
Dali would love this You are an artist of tremendous talent. Go further!

Rarindra Prakarsa
Surrealfish Tank you....

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