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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Friday 23rd of March 2007 07:06:35 PM


Fran Pego
Sexy and glamorous. Excellent intentions with good results. Good color ellection

John Peri
Hmm, incongruent means lacking in consistency ... undoubtedly, as I say above, we all interpret scenes differently. Thank you for passing by Tanya

A.K. Sircar
Very good rendition,John.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, I like the mix lighting, John. Alberto

Tanya Truong
John... I mean in geometry (it's my favorite subject :o)). In a triangle, say the model herself is an angle of her own interpretation, the two viewers with 2 different viewpoints; hence, all three coexist in the triangle with incongruent angles (in this case, it's perspectives). Best yet, none is wrong. Hehe! just a little reflection on my favorite subject. Warm regards, Tanya

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
Alon is right, John Peri... I especially love the color... brings out her eyeshadow :-)

Glenwood Sherry
Brilliant, but... John, I am totally blown away by this image, and rate it a 7/7, yet, despite the brilliance of the shot, I don't enjoy it, for the underlining story line is troubling, much like watching French New Realism masters like Truffaut and Godard. Whereas most of your work reads as a well-crafted short story, this image comes across as 2 hours of cinema verite. Brilliant. Mesmerizing. A dispirtited lover, troubled by her relationship? A prostitute for whom the spark of life is a distant memory? The Van Gogh quality of the lamp light; the acid tones of her skin; the distance read in her expression; the unconcern for the disheveled slip; the impression that she is standing in the doorway of a cheap hotel, her lover (or client) still in the room. A powerful, editorial image, that forces one to bring their own pain and doubts to the table. Very, very well done! Glenwood

Tore Nilsson
I love how you play with colours in this one, I like the models attitude too Best regards Tore

Roel Steenstra
great picture with nice colours and twilight of softness and provocation. John, you have a incredible portfolio!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent.

Michael Meneklis
One more great synthesis of Master John. Bravo my friend.

Sorin Vidis
That is clearly a setting and yet it's so casual...the fingers through her hair...and the look makes you think....what could be her problem?....the cold green hue of the suroundings helps emphasising her mood...and the lamp lighting the dark room of her thoughts brings hope to the atmosphere... And that's only my impression... Best regards Sorin

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
very good light, congratulations

John Peri
Wonderful Tanya, thank you.

Rakesh Syal
AWESOME hues and portrait!! Best regards!!

Bodyline Photos
A powerful image John, the cold green hues add to the atmosphere. The pose is excellent, to me it looks candid as she is caught flicking her hair off the shoulder. Excellent

John Peri
Glenwood, I am really flaterred to have your critique. You put new depth and meaning into my work. Thank you. As an artist, you know that a large part of our efforts are subconcious. They reflect our hopes and aspirations, and sometimes our fears and anxieties too. Why choose this photo to show, these particular colours, mood and expression? They all have a meaning that will differ undoubtedly for one person to another. Being an incorrigible romantic in my case, I identify most strongly with the sensuality that she portrays and the feelings it evokes. At the same time however, I translate this in terms of the uncertainly that she displays in anticipation of what will follow, not knowing if her expectations will be fulfilled or if it's all in vain. It underlines the fragile nature of our relations, and the thin line sometimes on which they hang. The avant garde movement was filled with questions regarding our morals, our standards and beliefs. it was a play between the steretoype and neo-realism born out of the rising consumerism of the day. Opposing messages interwined, leaving the viewer more confused than before. Sometimes the ability to ask the question however is more important than the answer, and art should fulfil this role as well. It's why I enjoy photography that doesn't always give the answers.

Alon Eshel
This is so sexy , Her posing , The light , colors and the composition with the lamp in the background

Marcin Malczak

Tanya Truong
John, I enjoy reading the interpretations of you and Glenwood. Even though the thinkings are somewhat incongruent, but they both come from deep, powerful interpretation from one's subsciousness. An image that holds the viewer's eyes for a long,long time. Best regards, Tanya.

Alec Ee
Well taken John, her nonchalant attutude is very well captured.

Ki Kan
Hi Boss! Greeting from Edmonton Canada! 7/7 I like it... modelmayhem Kay K or HOM foto it's my ID at MM

John Peri
Yound lady in blue dress

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