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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 23rd of March 2007 10:04:43 AM


John Peri
Thank you for expressing your opinion Evita, even if it's changed. I wonder if you have not been influenced by all the other persons that followed you! Nevertheless, since there is such a plethoria of "unnatural" pictures in my portfolio (most you write), let me know which ones. Except for some of the "artistic nudes in black and white", I do not pose my models as appears to be obvious to so many others, I follow them around, which is probably why I have almost never heard this critique before on PN. That does not make your views any less interesting and thanks for visiting my photo once again, especially if it gives you a different impression this time around. Who knows, in time maybe the others will do too!

John Peri
Thank you. Beautiful picture and I like it, but I don't think that the model was just standing there naked with beads around her neck holding a cigarette! The photo gives the unreserved impression of having being set up and posed for this photo. However admirable, it does not in my opinion in any way portray the point that you apparently want to make. Flesh or not, to use your quote, is for others to decide. In that case why is she not dressed? At any rate, it's not a "glamour" photo, like the portfolio to which I have attributed my photo above. Or is it the whole class of "glamour photography " to which you object and think maybe should not exist? Certainly, I have a couple of hundred black and white nudes in my file which may be more comparable with what you guide me to, which frankly bears little relation to the present subject. Though anyone can be a critique and it is by no means a necessity, nothing is more convincing to others than to see where someone else's particular expertise and understanding of the subject really lies. I would strongly encourage you to post some of your work so as to be better able to exchange your views with other people. For all I know you may be Ellen von Untwerth in disguise, in which case I would tear up and throw out half my portfolio, but I really don't understand the premise on which such affirmative views are based, at any rate certainly not through the comments made or the example given. Though most certainly everyone has a right to an opinion and must express it, and again I thank you for giving me yours, you may wish to browse through the works of the people that wrote above after you, so as to see the quality of the photographers that do not appear to agree with your analysis of this subject. At least two of them, I know, expose their work publicly in galeries. Now this is undoubtedly becoming a little boring for other people, and I wonder if we should not continue this discussion in private, if that is what you wish.

Sorin Vidis
Sensual and well composed.... Regards Sorin

John Peri
Mnay thanks for your kind comments and support.

John Peri
Evita may be right in the sense that this is more posed than I usually do. We were warming up actually, testing focus, lighting etc., but some of the photos have charm.

Glenwood Sherry
Fantastic John, Fantastic image, one of my favorites of your images in color. Lighting is creative, her skin tones wonderful, love the way her hair frames her face. The lift of her left eyebrow, and the shape of her moth, is inquisitive, like she is getting ready to say something to you. The pose is transitional, not static, nor un-natural; you caught her as if she was moving into position. A perfectly crafted snap-shot! Glenwood

Khaled Akil
as always , your photos and models is gread and impressove very good work my friend ...

A.K. Sircar
I agree with Michael about her stance. Excellent composition,very good exposure and light,John. Her skin tones are very good.

Sarah Kane
Sensual indeed John... The lighting is magical, lacing her face and upper body, simpley divine...

Janusz Taras
Excellent Excellent work.

John Peri
I'm delighted to have an opinion that differs from the majority of others, thank you. Maybe it would easier if you directed me to someone else's work that you found more natural. It would be interesting to see.

Michael Meneklis
Light and skin tones are excellent. I do not think that the pose is unnatural. She looks like doing something and you come in the room without knocking the door. Very charming and 3d feeling capture. Bravo John.

John Peri
We are now entering into the realm of nonsense and untruths. You gave your opinion, I thanked you three times above for giving it, stating at 12.09 PM above how delighted I am to get someone's opinion that differs from the majority of other people's! Now that's enough. I too have an opinion and my advice to you also stays. Post your work, make comments which are not so categorical and self assertive (especially if they change!), which is how to earn people's respect on PN. You will not get it by making noise.

Peter Meade
Hello John, I love the look in her eye and a faint lift to the eyebrow. Peter

Alon Eshel
This is wonderful , Such beautiful light and composition

John Peri
That's noise Evita !

John Peri
Portrait of a model .

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