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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 21st of March 2007 02:24:39 PM


C. Daunis
Now THAT is a sweet trick! I presume she did the post? Very nice!

Vittorio Pellazza
Another great idea. Sorry b&w photo is so small :) Congratulations.

John Peri
Thanks Glenwood. The image in fact is more striking in close up, but this is probably a more discreet way of showing it. I really posted it as a joke with the model, having always told her that she would look better up on that billboard than Kate, but some people seem to enjoy it, so why not leave it up for a while! Of course I was interested by your comments on the artist's relationship with his model. I have always tried to develop this with my models, a lot of my work depending on the trust and uderstanding that develops between the two. However, two major items have been added to the relationship this time, the first is friendship and the second esteem. She surpasses me in many of the areas involved, not least of all in her abilities with PS, and she wields the camera as well as any pistoleros that I know and and has an uncanny eye for what is sensual and erotic. I have always had difficulties with this word, given the connotations that it has developed. I believe it to mean something very subtle and provocative, without ever crossing the boundaries of good taste, though I have discovered more recently that an image can be more provocative than subtle and still respect this limit. As a woman, she understands this even better than us and knows what will excite the imagination and make it yearn for more. She's a flirt and a tease without being any of the two. There is something very pure and sincere about everything that she does. In other words, she is an artist. I regularly receive questions at home on how to develop this relationship. There is in fact no magic formula. I think being at ease with the subject oneself is probably as important as the interface developed with the model. Sincerity and enthousiasm may play a role also, they are contagious. A for "credits" I did mention her role. However, even if there is no evident contribution, the mere fact of participating together in a shoot implies a two way process of objective and achievement. I think the most amazing thing is that I almost never have to move anything, it just looks right the way it is. Now that's more than a muse.

sandy ebert
Wow! How creative!!!

Glenwood Sherry
A merging of talents... John, I am fascinated by this image; or I should say, am fascinated by the collaboration between you and the model in creating this image. There seems to be a blending, and diffusing, of the distinction between model and artist: Who inspires who, and who drives the other? A question: If this is a collaboration, should not the model be given co-production credit? Should you carry on to the logical conclusion,that the next step is a project whereby the artist/model designations are thrown out, and a new relationship is laid out for examination? Does the artist become the muse for the model, the model for the muse? This image certainly opens up new ground for your great talent, but I felt that it can only merit a 6/6, because I feel that there is a lack of emotional commitment to the image; a technical exercise, but nothing else. When you can make the leap into a true collaboration, where you become equal and separate with your model/muse, will you reach into the realms of the truly exordinary images. I look forward to the journey. Glenwood

Tore Nilsson
Cool and creative, I like the idea, the post process is great and the model is great too :) Best regards Tore

Roel Steenstra
beautiful picture! I really like this one, very well made and very original

Janusz Taras
Great photo! Great and very creative.

C. Daunis
Your response to Glenwood is precisely what I believe separates good erotic/nude imagery from exceptional work. The partnership that develops between model and photographer blurs the line between their respective roles. Your work with this young woman (and her work with you) I think best exemplifies this uncanny, innate ability of a Team to produce compelling work.

A.K. Sircar
Where mutual trust and respect exist, Art thrives,John.This is an original image.

Michael Meneklis
Perfect and original idea John in an excellent execution. Bravo.

Alberto Quintal
Super, great idea,composition, John, I like it. Alberto

Tanya Truong
what a tease... very interesting, in fact. John! your charm and playfulness always shine :o). What a beauty with so much talent, btw.

Alon Eshel
This is cool , Great work

John Peri
Most creations we do together Chris .. each one adds to the other's work ... thanks by the way. Glad you enjoyed it, since you saw the original ... hum ... the billboard I mean not the model .... ha ha .. :-)

John Peri
Call Home .. you never know wall poster prepared by the Model ..

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