Kids in West Java

by Prakarsa Rarindra

kids in west java happiness moslem islam light farmer kid indon prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The Kids III

Tags: happiness java moslem islam light farmer kid indonesia children seeking critique

Category: Family

Published: Wednesday 21st of March 2007 11:28:43 AM


Paula Grenside
great atmosphere and light.

Billy Syk.
I like this one ! It's not oversaturated and for the first time I can see how it was there for real :-) (meaning the white balance is correct in the atmosphere, the colours seem to be real, and the lights seem to be the originals captured) Nice!

Satish Menon
Congrats Excellent lighting and composition. Well done!

Emanuele Bossi
We well know this place Rarindra! It's wonderfoul and you too... :)

Rarindra Prakarsa
My playground This taken in wonderplace Sukabumi

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