"The Loop"

by Tsoi Wilson

the loop seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 20th of March 2007 07:24:56 PM


Nick Dekker
Fantastic This shot is fantastic! Makes me wonder where you were standing to take it? Very inspiring! Cheers nick

Mark Blackford
Great Photo. The City lights are amazing.

Mark Kangas
Wilson.....Gotcha' saved in my "favorites" Living in Seattle it's always nice to see local talent! Mark

Jason Miller
Hello Wow...this is amazing. These are the kind of night shots that most people dream of taking. Very well done!!!

Frank Melchior
Wow Wilson, really cool, I'm expecting to see spiderman swinging around the corner, nice tilt and motion. And got to love the "slow zone" sign.

Vlad Marinescu
Excellent photo. I'm a big fan of your work in this field. All the best, Vlad.

Mohammed Alhmoud
Nice image.. realy dynamic

Jim Baker
6/6 chicago is the only city in the US that i haven't been to that i want to go see... love this pic, expecially the angle and then how that slow zone sign just kinda pops out after you've looked at the rest of the pic. great capture! jim baker

Fergus Kane
Very cool, I like your experiments with angles and night shots..

Fee Hofmann
love this image; very energizing and alive with colors and motion.

Wilson Tsoi
"The Loop" Chicago's elevated commuter train streaking by at night. Built back a little over 100 years ago, got its from looping route around downtown Chicago.

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