Grimes Mill from Fulton St., March 3, 2007 (Click on image for "Larger")

by Kelly Landrum

grimes mill from fulton st march click on image seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: North Carolina: Grimes Mill, Salisbury

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Published: Monday 19th of March 2007 02:41:15 AM


Alberta P.
When size is a problem

This is a great photo that cannot be appreciated in the small PN view and won't fit on my 27" monitor when viewed larger. So the answer is to provide a larger view that will fit on a standard monitor. I was, of course, able to click my Command minus keys to shrink the large view presentation. And then I saw the beauty. Of the architecture, captured at just the right angle. Of the railroad line, adding a preface to the story. Of the lighting, which is just brilliant. Especially the shadow cast on the uppermost red structure. I think a movie could be scripted about this photo. 


I never would have found this wonderful work had it not been for the very welcome message you sent. Thanks for that!


And last but not least, the name is Italian but the eyes are Polish.


Still in St. Pete, for just a while ~


Dennis Jones
Lannie You found the magic light.. This is awesome....

Landrum Kelly
This is cropped from the large file, by the way. Thanks, Dennis. I was waiting for the moon to come up, and I just kept shooting this and other landmarks in Salisbury as the light grew redder and redder and then failed entirely. Thanks for all the time you took tonight following these uploads. As usual, the ratings are not exactly awesome. (I never really got any interesting shots of the moon during the eclipse.) --Lannie

Marc G.
An interesting building in the right evening light. Many crops are possible - I saw you uploaded one of them. It's all fine, I think. As it is here, too. Regards.

Hanna Cowpe
Well Lannie, I like it. I think you have elevated this piece of architecture to an attractive state with that great light. Your perspective is just right for catching all the details in the structure and materials. What appears to be an original building with the mansard roof and dormer windows and later add-ons is quite charming. Do you know anything of its history?

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Hanna. I have since found out that this mill was used primarily to process grain, and that it used rollers instead of the old mill stones. It started processing grains (into flour) sometime during the latter part of the nineteenth century. It is no longer used as a mill. I had actually positioned myself to get a picture of the lunar eclipse, but wound up shooting everything else but. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pnina. I drove by here many times before deciding to shoot it just before sunset. --Lannie

Pnina Evental
and this one Lannie, I like the light that accentuate the nice color and form of the building.

Beau Hooker
Very nice, Lannie! I like it! I suspect it'd make an excellent B&W too!

Jack McRitchie
This is a crisp and analytical picture, I'm sure just as balanced and orderly as your mind.

Landrum Kelly
Uh-oh, Jack. That building is definitely in trouble. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Marc. I have so many shots on cards that I have not even loaded into the computer, and many other RAW files that I have never converted or processed. I really should get busy. Nice to get a comment from you. I haven't seen your name on the site too much lately. I will always remember some of your early critiques and suggestions. --Lannie

Jim Phelps
Lannie, This image would be a classic in B&W. The shadows create interesting tonal contrasts and the lines (both straight and diagonal) balance the image. The color takes the image a step farther. The red areas create a color contrast with both the sky and the blue walls. The red and blue also create a very interesting asymmetric balance and gives the image depth. It is a good example of both a color artistic photograph, and how classic B&W composition can be enhanced with color. Kudos on a very good image! Jim Phelps

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jim. I will try that in a tighter crop. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly

This building burned on January 16, 2013.  Nothing is left.



Landrum Kelly

Well, thank you, Alberta!  That is the best write-up I have ever gotten.


I need more Polish eyes looking at my photos.  Maybe they see more.



Landrum Kelly
Grimes Mill Thanks for viewing.


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