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by Peri John

zt nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 17th of March 2007 01:15:15 AM


Sweid Sideris
Done with your classical style, this image has equilibrium, strenght, and an outstanding aesthetics. IMHO it's a high level class of lightning and composition skills. At last, she has a mesmerizing beauty.

Aurelien Le Duc
Great Hey John! As Jim, I would say it's one of the most beutiful you ever post. I love this photo. And Girl is beautiful!

Mike Matcho
What items on the counter? Oh, those.

Peter Meade
Delightful. Congratulations.

Jeff H
John, This is my favorite model of yours and now this is one of my favorite shots of her. You continue to shoot with class and elegance. Excellent work!

John Peri
Triangle, a woman's force Interesting, thank you. Not that I really do very much on purpose, but I did leave the counter in the final crop to give volume to the picture. Sure the eye roams, I think that competition is good. Hopefully it doesn't stay away too long. Depends on your tetesterone levels I guess. Strangely, I would say the same for a landscape too. Anything that secretes opiates (liking) is testerone linked. As for the shadow, given that the light is bounced off the ceilling, it apears to be pointing straight downwards, as evidenced from under the stool, hence the body shadow appears hidden other than for the arm where there is some room left beneath to show it. Same with the hair through transparency. Personally, contrary to many, I like some shadow. Again, it adds volume, perspective and context in my view. I'm missing it here.

Alon Eshel
The light work is different and makes the model more clear/projecting

David McCracken
Keeping it simple... Unlike Jim, I don't mind using the word distracting when I see something that is. However in this case the items on the counter are not distracting as such. However when you look at them, you tend to stay focussed on them. I am a little confused by the lighting on the wall behind the girl. The girl herself is evenly lit but the wall behind her... well I am sure you see what I mean. I like this.

Michael Meneklis
I prefer to enjoy the beauty of your creation with no comment. Good morning my friend.

Pierre Lagace
Sensuel I love this pic. Good job Pierre pierlag@hotmail.com

Rasmus Lindersson
This is as usual a really well composed photo, and as usual very good contact between you and your model (always important). What makes this one stick out a bit could be her pose (which BTW doesn't look very comfortable, even though she don't seem to mind). I feel that "strange", or should I say different poses is kind of your "thing" or trademark, I might be wrong though...
BTW, in my opinion that glass is a little to invisible to add anything substantial to the photo.
A good photo, as usual...

Glenwood Sherry
John, Very interesting image; for me it indicates a different approach to nude studies. It is neither a staged and controlled shot; neither is it a true from-the-hip. There is studied casualness, almost a manipulated piece of photojournalism. The model, after a lenghty shoot, is sitting off to the side, relaxing with a glass of bubbly, comfortable with her right leg tucked up underneath. The lights on the back wall are spill-overs from the studio; remains of lunch (you like to fix lunch for you and your model doing a long shoot; it relaxes her, and you can continue to set up shots in your mind). You make a suggestion for the next shot, and she says " You want me to do what?" One of many, possible scenarios, but I'll go with this. For like many great artists you set many pieces into play, without telling the viewer (or reader, or listener) the rules to play by. Glenwood

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful,great work and lovely woman, John. Alberto

John Peri
As enjoyable to read as the photo, thank you Glenwood! You are really not far off. We had a bite, drank a couple of glasses and moved around the apartment taking photos. From time to time she asked me am I ok here and I just shot what I saw. This is no exception.

John Peri
Nude figure on stool .

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