by Simon Janosch

sissi canon eos d ef f l seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Thursday 15th of March 2007 07:38:54 PM


Leonardo Villalobos
7 / 7 Love it !

Sorin Vidis
Wow... Speechless.....and needless to say what a piece of art you've achieved there... It's like a sculpture... Best regards Sorin

Karel Vojkovský
nice work

Juan Carlos Rivera
Fantastic pose, very beautiful ilumination. Congratulations.

Conrado Maestro Carnero
genial, super perfecta. Janosch, recibe mi mas sincera enhorabuena. un saludo contecon

Craig Persel
Fantastic form and composition. Bravo.

Denis Shelston
Great picture The joy of B&W photography - Ansel would be proud. A woman's body is the most beautiful thing indeed. F鬩citation. Denis

Igor Amelkovich

ricar saldivar
fenomenal increible.... excelente compisicion.... exitos

Sergey Skleznev
7/7 Beautiful model, very interesting pose, very good light... crop is too tight IMO.

Michael Klensch
"Grace" defined in one photograph. Perfect. Mike

Theo Moustakas
Superior... Breath taking image! Excellent work!

Stephanie Myers
Stephanie Alot to look at. There is no focal point for me... cause my eyes flow with her curves.Down then back up again. Infinity

Michelle Wolfe
I seldom appreciate the twisted postures that seem to be popular poses by many photographers that work with nudes, but this posture works. I think it is because it is so sculptural. I can imagine it as a work of bronze or marble in the middle of a gallery. It would not work if it were anywhere except a plain white space. Nicely done!

Michael Lyons
7/7 Perfection!!ML

Ektor Coughanour
Beautiful lighting, pose and model...Best regards.

Massimiliano Franco
Uno dei nudi piu' belli che ho mai visto. Posa spettacolare e soggetto attraente. Complimenti

Bruno Jesuíno
perfect Original pose, great model, good light. Congratiolations.

dzsh rdydtii
wow... amazing shot. perfect pose and light... well done

David Blohm
Fantastic One of the best nude photos I have seen on this site. Congratulations!

pepe alias boulette

nom nom
nicelly done overall i do like the unusual pose she is in. She also is beautiful and the white background fits this pic. BUT, the only flaw I see is the line between HER right hip and the calf muscle. it is to ...superficial. U used PS to much on that particular area. Good job, see if u can fix that, to make it more o-naturale.

George Koutsilieris
MASTERPIECE!!!Best regards.

Alina Vasilescu
Stunning! Absolutely amazing, Janosch, sculptural body, perfect lighting. I admit I am not the number one fan of white background, but this one here is simply perfect for the shot. Congratulations, both to you and to the model.

Thomas Collins
gorgeous! True perfection. The model must certainly be thrilled by this image. Well done!

Gianni Candido
Hi keep up the good work ! Gianni Candido

Miguel Pappan
Sissi Hola amigo... I had the opportunity to work with her....inspiring I would like to say... Congrats for view prize ;-) I think we share the same kind of vision... Saludos Miguel

Tatjana Adizes
Bravo!!! Beautiful!

Catalin Parpalea

ram nair
The best The best nude picture I have seen. Composition is simply best. Did you use PS to get white bg? Thx for sharing.

Margaret Woodall-Shark
A totally classic image.-it is how a figure should be displayed. Excellent.

Birkir Jónsson
Artistic This one is a true art.
I cannot decide if it's nudity or abstract art.

The form is exquisite you get my higest rating for this one.

Carolyn Dalessandro
Stunningly beautiful!

Blaine Crowther
Classic Very nice formal, classic pose...could be a greek statue. The model's hand over her bottom creates a very nice tension in the composition. The pose is very exposing ...daring, yet something remains hidden, constrained...held back. I like these types of poses...reminds me of Weston's Charis.

Pawel Stefaniak

Markos George Hionos
the absolute female body !!

Matthew Vesci
Stunning portrait, from the pose to the beautiful skin tones. Amazing!

Frunze Verdi
Exsellent work Janosch.

Alejandro Gonzalez
the female body, a sculpture.. 7/7

Donatello Bernattore
Bellissima, statuaria.

Donatello Bernattore
sissi Bellissima, statuaria.

Elf Kerben
excellent light and nice model, all is perfect in flow and composition ciau Carsten

Brad Kim
7/7 A work of exceptional quality.... My hearty congratulations!

Carolyn Dalessandro

Marc Vick

Aleksandar Narandzic
Timeless masterpiece, LOL

Steve Norman
I keep coming back to this shot Janosch, it is some sort of peak! Excellent composition, beautiful light and perfect model.

Fabio Keiner
:)) form follows function :))

christopher george
imagination beautiful pose very tastefully done

Andy Glogower
Unbelievable form!

Ivar Langeland
abused on facebook! See your mail!

Stephen Buhagiar
Wow. Very nice photograph. Original and very effective posture. 7/7

Jorge Dengo
The BEST! This is the best photo in this site....the light is perfect, the pose original, the model out of this world...I don't seem to get tired of looking....really looking this picture....Feel like sitting in a museum watching a beautiful sculpture... 10/10

Freek Wullink
Fantastic Fantastic pose, very beautiful ilumination. model still oke?

Kombizz Kashani
beautiful capture of this beautiful pose

Erik Zunec
Brilliant. I like everything about this photo. The pose and the way you have composed the shot are just fantastic and the lighting whit its smooth shadows that just emphasize her curves is just impeccable.

Titanium Mike

Amazing composition and pose, perfect model for this photograph. Very original. Congratulations!

Janosch Simon
"Sissi" kind regards Janosch

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