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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 15th of March 2007 02:02:35 PM


Sweid Sideris
The most sensual and delightful diagonal composition I've ever seen, the BW is THE choice, I can't imagine this photo done in color. Again, perfect lightning on a perfect skin. And again this strange, challenging gaze piercing the observer.

John Peri
Thank you Rasmus. You are right, those burned out areas are certainly a nuisance. I guess I could try to clone some floor into there, but this is how I took the shot ..

Umair Ghani
exotic geomatry! regards!

Alon Eshel
Classic , Excellent b&w colors and the model is stunning

Michael Meneklis
777 Eeeeexcelent.

John Peri
Glenwood, thank you. Of course one enjoys the flaterry, but beyond that I believe, an artist is happy when he feels that his vision and perception are understood, and that is the key to your message. This can be more important than liking or not any specific work. Though I do admire all the experts who have such intricate understanding of the complexities of photography and put them regularly into practice to produce superb results, I believe that a picture is often composed by more than the sum of its parts. This is particularly true when the subject matter is human. I like to photograph my models in the context of their surroundings because it was what they respond to and what explains the attitude that they adopt. As my model who is herself an artist so rightly says, she admires Newton because "he took the female figure and put it into life and not a backdrop". I could not express it better. Whereas many of the details that people point out may be relevant in landscapes or other kinds of photography, I feel they are of lesser importance in images such as this. On the contrary, some of the inconsistencies can add to or draw attention to the person, and thus underline the promininence and meaning of her presence in the picture. Likewise, for a relationship between a photographer and his model to translate effectively into photos, there has to exist some special little force that brings on the magic. One may attempt to cultivate this or it can exist naturally, but the tension is needed in order to capture it on camera, hence the expression of the model and what the photographer choses to capture at any moment. I call this young lady my muse which is possibly unfair as it may imply a passive role. The very contrary is true, because we share not only a vision but an understanding of how to go about obtaining it. Few words or gestures are needed. It just happens on it's own. I have only shown the tip of the iceberg on PN. Our work together is indeed a volume and an essay on life. Thank you again Gleenwood for your very kind words. John and MN.

Glenwood Sherry
A 7/7 John, You have achived a remarkable image here. What I like about this photo is the seemingly from-the-hip style of the shot. You are a cosummate craftsman, with each detail planned and executed flawlessly. The great beauty of this photo is that those details that seem to be "errors" (the burned out areas on the floor, the jamming of the sofa to the lower corner, the lack of a model's pose) are in fact a part of a greater, and more intriging story, that of the relationship (working and otherwise) between an artist and his muse. It is the look on the model's face that brings to all together; anything but her aloof indifference, and all the pieces fall about. Bravo, on creating, with a single image, what a novelist would need several chapters to relate. Glenwood

Sorin Vidis
Exquisite work...good diagonal...and the look is just perfect... She's such a great model... Best regards Sorin

Steffen Drache
I see it as Rasmus. Her view makes the picture a good one.

Stephanie Myers
Steph very nice body plus a little additude.

Tanya Truong
Wow! Elegance and Grace is here... and from every angle, you've captured her most charming instances. With John Peri, models transform into their upmost gracefulness and charm without the need of any luxurious surrounding. Just lovely.

Alberto Quintal
7/7 Clean, sharp,excellent, John, lovely model. Alberto

Rasmus Lindersson
Her pose works fine and the contact between model and photographer is really good. The photo is well composed and the tones are nice.
Though I find the really light areas on the floor quite distracting, it leads my eyes away from the model.

Vittorio Pellazza
Excellent mix of a girl with a natural expression and fine sensual body. Beautiful cropping. Congratulations.

Thomas Collins
I hadn't seen this one before John. I was just browsing through your wonderful collection looking for the gems, and this gorgeous young lady certainly is a well polished diamond. Cheers!

John Peri
No title .. she poses with finesse and grace, and one tries to capture one moment at a time, each one different from the other

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