Norther Harrier

by Melanson Jody

norther harrier canon ef mm fl usm eos d mark ii n h melanson jody

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Tags: canon ef 400mm f56l usm norther canon eos 1d mark ii n harrier seeking critique

Category: Wildlife

Published: Wednesday 14th of March 2007 04:07:05 PM


Stephen Penland
Superb portrait, another in a series of outstanding avian images.

Christopher Azzopardi
Just great.

John Wright
Outstanding image. Great timing/pose, great light, and perfect background.

M Haanel
Sublime A wonderful photograph. Respect and thank you!

Colton Fischer
I think the eye contact is what really makes this shot. Congrats!

Arash Hazeghi
Very beautiful, love the wing position and eye contact. I would sharpen up the body and remove the OOF strands in the lower left of the frame.

Herma Ornes
Not that I am any kind of expert, the picture IS beautiful but it has a bit of a processed feel to it. Especially in the animals head and chest. But maybe that is what you're going for...It looks surreal. I wish I had your equipment.

Jody Melanson
Northern Harrier Please view larger....

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