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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Tuesday 13th of March 2007 10:34:19 PM


Tanya Truong
Life is a box of chocolates... you never know what you are going to get (quoted fr. Forest Gump movie.) Well! i don't mind to find the box of Chocolates you left...for me. I am sure they are all...sensational ;o).

Al Li

Sweid Sideris
At last, I'm doing justice. 7/7

Filip Pizlo
There is so much inspiration to be found in your poses, locations, and compositions!

David McCracken
Fun it is... It's good to have fun and this looks like a bunch of it.

Michael Meneklis
I like very much your pink panther John. Excellent colors and light in an original pose of a beautiful girl. Bravo

Alberto Quintal
Original pose,like always great colors, great work, John. Alberto

Conrado Maestro Carnero
John: siempre nos sorprendes con alguna originalidad como esta. eres un genio. recibe mi mas sincera enhorabuena. atte contecon PD: felicita de mi parte a esa pedazo de hermosura.

Pawel Sawicki
A bookworm...

Frank Melchior
interesting shot, great choice of colors and nice model.

A.K. Sircar
Very interesting cropping,very good exposure & colors,John.

Tore Nilsson
The composition and pose is a bit unusual, I find this very creative and it works well in my opinion. The model looks great too. Best regards Tore

Scott Lynn
... John, Hope all is well.... Finding the location and setting is half the fun and challange. You have a wonderful way of creating an image that catches the eye utilizing a everyday setting like a corner and a book shelve. Brilliant!! Great work by all. SL

Tanya Truong
Ah! quite a treasure... ...in the little corner :o). If she plays "hide and seek", everyone would participate :o). Tanya.

Sorin Vidis
That is so intriguing...very tasteful...it's a paradox how can the model be so graceful...given the conditions ... Thank you very much for your comments on my humble photos...you've succeded to grasp the essence beyond the appearances... Best regards Sorin

Leanna Weber
Pretty in Pink...Nice shot. Leanna:O)

John Peri
Carlo, thank you. I do not personalize my presentations usually, but this is not a model, she's a dream.

Beng J.
Dear John Lucky John, you always got pretty girls pose in front of your camera even in such unusual places. Typically John Peri style, provocative, sexy and lots of times very unusual.

Sweid Sideris
Here I am again, I am a prisoner of the aesthetics and the sensuality of this image. Tried once more than, but the system told me "too soon" again. I'll be back, like MacArthur...

John Peri
No treasure hunt Tanya, I would hide the key ... but you could always search for a box of chocolates ... :-)

Sweid Sideris
Ah! Speechless! Doesn't exists a human language to describe this image! One of your most outstanding compositions, simply formidable John. And... yap, hide the key as soon as possible... ;-D)

Sweid Sideris
Ups! I can't rate with a largely deserved 7/7 (too soon, they say) but I'll be back in order to be fair.

anne knes
10 !!!!!!!!!! brillante amigo mio, por fin te animastes a mostrar todo lo que te gusta y tan bien lo haces, tus desnudos son bellisimos, espero posar pronto para ti John, un gran beso , anne...

John Peri
A fun photo of a charming little friend ..

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