Ice under shadows

by Soini Hannu

ice under shadows seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Tuesday 13th of March 2007 06:33:07 PM


Samrat Bose
Shimmering! This rather looks like light on a body of water. The shimmering is gives a softness to the picture.But does this really tell a story? Maybe I am missing something here.

Denis Fistanic
Hannu, nice and very original shoot. Maybe, in vertically position will look better. Maybe. However, I like it. Congrats, Denis

Hannu Soini
Thank You ! For your comments. I do appreciate this kind of feedback. -The Story is as follows: the image is from a pier end where boats "park" at summer time. On the other side there is a wooden shield in/of window format in order to prevent the boats of sliding under the pier. The reflection is created from this structure. Yesterday was the warmest day iin Finland and caused the snow to melt on the ice with some wind. The currents were created around wooden stocks by the pier and made me notice this one day earlier when walking. The ice goes to the bottom in this bay area (at Seurasaari) and is melted more from the far end where the current is stronger. - in deed the photo looks in a way more interesting in vertical as it forms squamous structure. Maybe, better in A3 format - I am not sure yet.. - The Shimmering is strong because of the uneven surface of the ice in the bottom and moving water above. This actually caught my attention when passing by. Cheers! Hannu

Alpo Syvänen
I like the light and the shimmering in this one. The grid formation of the shadow adds an interesting aspect to the image. It forces me to think: "Where did you shoot this image?" :-) Joyful photoshootings! Alpo

Hannu Soini
Ice Window Ice under shadows. Comments are appreciated.

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