sunny sunday

by Ellos Costas

sunny sunday seeking critique ellos costas

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Published: Monday 12th of March 2007 10:08:13 PM


Costas Ellos
Dear Alpo, Thanks for your time etc. The camera is a Nikon D70 with a Nikkor 18-70. Costas

Costas Ellos
Dear Pierre Since you like the place and its architecture, I am giving you an other aspect of it. I would like your word about. Personally I love the place and the entire old city of Nafplio. Thank you. Costas

Pierre Dumas
Not excellent - perfect! Couldn't possibly be better! A pleasure to look at, but one doesn't know what exactly is he looking at! There are three elements: Architecture, life, technical perfection. The architecture, the central object is a masterpiece of the kind! With utmost technical quality of the picture and therefore the most attractive element, but obviously isn't the main one. The column and the wires cover it, the people turn attention to themselves. I suggest you COSTAS to make a separate picture of the object with the same quality of the picture, avoiding other objects as the wires and columns and people. Cheers to that! PDE

Alpo Syvänen
Excellent tones and light! I really like the atmosphere in your image. Is this shot with Hasselblad - or some other medium format camera and lens? Alpo

Costas Ellos
sunny place, contemporary agora comments are wellcome

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