Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Pierre Dumas
Thank you Robert, thank you Dmitri! Dmitri, I allow myself to give advices because one never knows what the others know or don't! That thing with the jaggies was happening to me too, although there weren't visible any on my computer! I never compress lower than 11 quality! And again, sometimes I have to repair my pictures after I see the jaggies here! I don't remember if I told you or not that the last thing to get rid of the jaggies is - add noise! Because the added moderately noise looks like grain and it is natural thing for the most pictures made on film! And the improving of the sky color and saturation isn't possible with the selective colors tool! It is better to select the sky and adjust the color balance and brightness contrast, it can't produce jaggies or other unwanted effects if not used extremes, for instance the contrast slider to the right end! On this picture I have worked a lot to change the face as I wanted to, then I discovered that I don't have big enough copy on my hards! And, since I'm to lazy to search pictures on my CDs, came to the idea of applying some painting effect! It kills the jaggies too! This is rough pastels effect! I resized the picture and added the effect several times and here I've got a picture on which it is not noticeable that it was small almost as two thumbnails! Thank you for the high ratings which it may not deserves, but it doesn't deserve four pairs of threes neither! So, thank you for adding the "correction factor", I do it sometimes myself, especially when I see that the best pictures I'm visiting are lowest rated! PDE

Liz Weisiger
Oh my, this is really different - and interesting. You might make a career out of doing this. People pay huge money here for painted portraits and it takes lots and lots of time to get them done. Thanks for sharing this and commenting on my picture.

George Koutsilieris

Pierre Dumas
Oh MY, Liz! I didn't try to sell it, just to rise its average! Didn't expect high ratings, jut something more than four, because the curse was on this one and probably my all next! And if you like to have this kind of your portraits, just send some small samples, the more the better, then I will tell you which one is most suitable and to send me that one full size! You will have then the best portrait of yourself with a PDE 100% guarantee and free of charge! Cheers to that! PDE

Robert Coney
Quite nice. I would not pretend to know how to rate it (other than not a low 3/3).

Micki F.
Pierre, Because of YOU I work verry hard to keep doing my art and my work on PN and keep posting regardless of my ratings!! Thank you so much for posting what you do! I look at what you do and the work you do and I get so encouraged when I see something like this! I see what you did here and I get so excited knowing that I can do this for others that want me to do it for them to capture their child in a picture for their wall. That is my goal to be able to transfer a wonderful family portrait into a wonderful painting (picture) for a person to have for a keepsake. When I see the wonderful treatment you have done on this picture I just LOVE THIS! Thank you for the encouragement (I know you don't know you have done it) but knowing you still post it and still get the ratings (crappy sometimes) I feel encouraged! This is wonderful and you are wonderful! ~ micki

Micki F.
I forgot to say 7/7 7/7 all the way ~ your work is amazing on this!!

Frederick Dunn
poetic sensibility For me, this portrait.. with the soft lines and matching expression... is giving off a pre-raphaelite energy that makes it wonderful, as this is my favorite style the tiny closed mouth and long framing hair... big direct quiet gaze... excellent. I will also re-visit my own woodland portrait and do some sepia experiments as you recommend... thank you for that comment.

Aristidh Shqevi
Un Retrato... A great portrait! Regards!

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Pierre Her pose is very shade and her eyes are quite enchanting . Good work . Regards Dan .

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