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Published: Sunday 11th of March 2007 08:31:22 PM


Olaf de Vries
Nice one Matt! Your shooting from the hip.. must be easy..! ;)

Fred G
Great mood here and wonderful capture of specific backlighting. The sun brilliantly catches her hair as the rest of her and the street behind her stay gray. Also, very good depth of field. I would question only the title, as I don't see her as terribly androgynous.

Matt Rosemier
Thanks Fred. Actually i did a little Photoshopping to get the neutral background that you like. That flat metal object behind the subject was a brilliant red which really distracted, and i desaturated that some as well as the rest of the BG. I meticulously check the "unmanipulated" box if I haven't PSed my photos.

Matt Rosemier
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