A old woman and a flower on the 8th of March.

by Ursu Mihail

a old woman and flower on the th of march seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Saturday 10th of March 2007 04:33:48 PM


Craig Buchan
Cute photo! i would maybe crop the woman in the background out...just a bit distracting from the star of the photo:)

Mihail Ursu
Craig Buchan Thank you Craig :) It crossed my mind to cut the other women out but I liked the repetition in paces and...makes the image somewhat complete... offcourse I can be totally wrong :) thank you again, Mihail.

Mihail Ursu
An old woman and a flower for the 8th of march...and her smile.... It was a political action of a new party. They gave flowers away and asked for signatures for Euro-Parliament elections. Thank you, Mihail Ursu.

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