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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 9th of March 2007 02:22:21 PM


Stephen Solomon
Steve Solomon Greetings, John! I am so inspired by this image that I had to comment. I have been viewing your work for many years. Your photo of this young lady is just wonderful. The Beatles' song "Something" comes to mind as I look at her expression - "something in the way she moves..., something in her style..., something in the way she knows..., something in the things she shows me..." It is not just her appearance that I am referring to. She is such an elegant model and your capture of her mood in this and many other of your fine images of her is very intriguing. I like the placement of her in the frame. I like the softness of the lighting. I like the clean, angular simplicity of her surroundings. I like the delicate fall of her hair across her body which is mimmiced by the fringe on the blanket. She is a natural. Only one thing that appears to be off is the tint which is slightly green on my calibrated monitor. I use the Spyder 2 Pro. The walls have this tint and the sheen on the hair on the top of her head as well. Perhaps there was a flourescent light in the room? Never the less, a beautiful portrait. Thank you for sharing your skill with us! Now I need to get on with posting my own work here. Steve

John Peri
Thank you for your comment Steve. The model is indeed outstanding, not just because of her beauty, but for the way in which she communicates with the viewer. What is unusual is her self confidence and the assurance with which she lets herself be photographed. She does not pose in the true sense, she lets her emotions flow, and as they change in mood and intensity, so do the images that follow. As for the slight green tint, it is admittedly intentional. I tend to vary the colours of my pictures with the feelings they convey.

Ilia Panfilov
nice her look

Umair Ghani
again u'd say that im 2 generous with praise [lol], but i find this one quite engaging. ur art dominates here. light & composition is perfect, but the rare blend of available setting is classy. the way u use shawl, dress color & corner of the room. the way u make her look at some mysterious point & the decision u make 2 expose her torso. amazing, amazing, amazing! system doesn't allow any 7s, but it makes no difference 2 an artist like u. regards!

Paul Louis Villani
Very sensual and as always classy work! Well done John!

Alon Eshel
The way she looks at the camera , Amazing

Alec Ee
Simply gorgeous.

anthony boudreau
Zs 975 beautiful

Kombizz Kashani
nice one

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .. taken at home

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