He was saying goodbye.

by Rosemier Matt

he was saying goodbye seeking critique rosemier matt

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Published: Friday 9th of March 2007 01:56:21 PM


Jackie Whisenhunt
Interesting I love this place. It's beautiful and this picture makes me want to go there. I don't like the cropped picture. I don't like the man in the picture either. I just think this place is so pretty with the trees. Great building!

Julien Dat
crop Hi, I'm sorry to ask but... what is the subject...? I purpose this crop, using trees as a frame let a more important place to the guy at the window... what's your opinion..?

Matt Rosemier
Sorry, Julien, but I think your crop destroys or at least loses much of what made this photo appeal to me. The man in the window is only a side note, the subject is the aesthetically pleasing relationship between light and shadow, foreground and background, and the way that the trees and bushes seem to hold the viewer in a hidden shelter of safety from which to look out upon the brightness of the building. The cream yellow and blue of the building work well with the greens of the foliage, and the man in the window is only a secondary point of interest...something upon which your mind can rest after grazing across the other surfaces.

Matt Rosemier
Man in window with puppy, France thanks for ratings and or comments.

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