Zs 972

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 8th of March 2007 01:07:07 PM


Thomas Collins
I prefer your presentation John as it adds a certain sensuality that is lacking in the square crop version above, telling an entirely different story as you put it. Very nice as always. Relaxed and natural. Better then reality T.V.! Thomas

Alberto Quintal
Lovely, great work in B&W, John Alberto

Antanas Strazdas
Very good composition and atmosphere!

Barry Denton
Great job!

John Peri
Thanks, the crop is interesting, but it becomes a different photo, less of a storyline in my view ... as for the smoke, I guess it can depend also on many factors, movement of the hand, air currents around the subject etc,. Thanks again. .... hum, actually I looked at it again, I think it is going up (the cigarette is facing downwards). It's the perspective.

Anthony J Deffina
Hey John- Two things I concider doing differently on this. I like the idea of a square crop because it gave me more of a feeling that I was catching the moment she was in and what she was doing. I think it opens the imagination to what is going on outside of the frame. Could just be me. Second is the smoke. It would naturally be flowing up, and would lead nicely to her face, much like the lines in the floor. All just one man's opinion. Cheers, Anthony

Alon Eshel
I love the sensual composition here and the b&w colors . The cut of the top of the knee , I'm not completely sure about it

Michael Meneklis
I like your synthesis, very creative and unusual. I am looking the image for a long time trying to find a better cropping. Finally I discovered that you did the best. The grey tones and pose are excellent. Bravo John.

Anthony J Deffina
Different, true. Chocolate and vanilla, I suppose! Just can't get past the smoke though. Oh well, what good would art be if it pleased everyone?! Have a good day, Anthony

John Peri
Thanks again Anthony. It's always interesting to have another point of view.

Vittorio Pellazza
Great mix... Above all I don't spend my time about technical comments becouse you are always a great photographer. I like contrast between erotic position and quite relaxed moment represented by gesture with cigarette and look to floor. Also bright ashtray contribute to create a complex image otherwise centered on sexual body. But what I like above all is your skill to create women with heavy sensuality and very elegant. Anthony suggestion is suitable and his vertion is very nice, but it will be onother vertion with different good meaning. About smoke yes and not ttogether: pehaps a more realistic smoke would be nicer, but I have to say that smoke gives life to your photo. Congratulations as allways.

Naomi marie
Gorgeous Gorgeous!! what more needs to be said...

John Peri
Thank you Geof. I often find that these natural little moments that briefly tell a story are more interesting and revealing of the personality than the posed ones.

chocolate jack
I like your work and this one is no different ! My eyes are drawn in by the lines (on the floor ?) and the stockings texture grabs my attention as well. Its then that I notice the smoke from the cigarette and follow down to the ashtray. well done John - the image composition keeps my attention and gently guides my eyes going right around searching for more information. The fact that the model has no knickers on doesn't really distract me, probably because she is in a natural comfortable pose. well done.

Pierre Dumas
Oh, I'm ashamed, ha! John, I must first tell you that you are a very good looking guy, almost like a girl (I saw the picture on your member page)! Ha! Good B&W picture this one and original position of the model! This is copy paste business in order the start of the series of pics about Googy Dry (the three guys) to be announced. Here is the first in the series: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5708946 Cheers John, I'll be back considering your beauty, ha! PDE

james williamson
Zs 972 A wonderful blend of realism and exoticism. The subject is detached, almost indifferent, yet approachable. Very cinematic in a graphic and european sensibility.

John Peri
A moment's pause .. .. reaching for the ashtray ..

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