Nowhere to Run To

by Kelly Landrum

nowhere to run seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Thursday 8th of March 2007 02:48:52 AM


Lars Brorson Fich
There is something strangely effective about this comoposition. At first I overlooked it, but I somehow returned to it. Re. Lars

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Lars. I think that the effectiveness has something to do with the fact that it is so ugly. This photo was part of a psychological experiment to see how much visual and aesthetic pain pains persons could endure. (I am happy to report that the experiment was a great success, after we threw out the aberrant data for claustrophobes.) It was compressed horizontally (the technical term is "squished," I believe) from one of the other photos in this folder, making the composition almost square. I like it the best of the three as well, perhaps because there is a greater sense of being trapped in this one than in the other two due to the exaggerated vertical scale. --Lannie

Aldemar A

I think a little clearer would be better, and with a higher contrast.


i like di composition .

Landrum Kelly
Nowhere to Run To Thanks for being willing to subject yourself to this.


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