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Published: Wednesday 7th of March 2007 07:46:01 PM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Bernie. If you get a chance, there is a second image on my site of Mr. Whiskers sticking his paw into the shot playing with the strawberry. It actually became quite amusing. What's funny about these images is that they were taken approximately 30 years ago. They are scanned from slides that I just dug up. Thanks for the kind words.

Paul Chepikian
Randy: I'm flattered by your comment, thank you! I'm glad to be an inspiration. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. And also to keep coming back and keeping up with my work. Yes, I am experimenting in some new areas and really enjoying the process. I hope you are doing the same. I will be stopping by your site soon. Thanks again...

Randy Martin
I love how this picture look so average to everydaylife but yet still you have the picture of an advertisement also and it just looks great....You are def. a huge insperation to me Paul I love your stuff and I noticed you are trying completly new stuff and I respect you 4 it.....great work

Bernie Moore CT
Paul, ruined shot? I think not. Pity you couldn't get the snout in better focus too, but as we all know the instant is brief, and you know his highness will never repeat the pose for YOUR benefit. Still...I love the shot and says much about our fangfaced friends. Regards, Bernie

Paul Chepikian
Ruined shot? I was trying to photograph textures but someone was more interested in making it difficult for me. Comments and observations welcome and appreciated.

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