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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 2nd of March 2007 06:32:51 PM


Darren Henry
I love the minor hue changes in each of the photo's. The poses are great. They truely give us a sense of what her personality is really like. I really like this image!

David McCracken
Not so instantly recogniseable... Although you have done the 'Girl and Triptych' theme before, this one doesn't instantly hit you as being one of yours. The composition here is very well balanced. The tone and mood are good although personally I am not a fan of the cigarette.

Alberto Quintal
I like this way of composition, very good, John. Alberto

Yiannis Dimkopoulos
Hello John Looks like a cross processing from fujifilm. NiceX4!

Alon Eshel
Great work , Colors are soooo interesting , Very inspiring . It got an "Andy Warhol" touch

John Peri
Many thanks. The cigarette frankly is a prop that I use for many of my photos to convey atmosphere, just like the wine glass or anything else that other people use. Most of the girls in reality do not smoke, but then they do not murder people either when they brandish a knife in my pictures, though I have been a little anxious once or twice when they turned out to be better actors than I thought!

Michael Meneklis
Very good work John, you have captured the cigarette very well. I love the decoration of my beloved smoke with this very nice picture of the girl.

Sweid Sideris
7/7 As far as I can see you're exploring new concepts, or new points of view, if you do prefer (indeed I don't know if you did it before). Anyway, the results of this wise exploration are translated to some new images with a different, new atmosphere. Always with your refined technique and your unforgettable signature. At all, right now I'm mesmerized because the bunch of emotions provoked because your last trend. For example, this photo -as Alon has pointed- reminds me to certain Warhol style, but in essence still being a "Peri" masterwork. If you want to know my opinion about your new paths I must tell you that I do prefer it, because your inmense work done before despite to have the highest technical and artistcs values sometimes is suffering the lack of a deep large soul like the new has. I encourage to you -from my humble amateur position- to go on beyond the borders of the imagination. My pleasure.

John Peri
On the wall .

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