Gareth & Marcos

by Rosemier Matt

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Published: Friday 2nd of March 2007 11:51:30 AM


Fred G
This is wonderful. Two pensive guys captured clearly, with beautiful expression, perfect lighting on their faces and in the background, one profile, one facing us. Great exposure, great feel, with a bit of a story. There's texture, good composition, warmth from the guys, the sun, and the photographer. This is a very real photo, and why it works for me is that I don't feel you are looking AT them or in any way intruding, you are allowing them to be and to be seen. A lot of street photography doesn't have reverance for its subjects, it often turns subjects and people into objects, whether to be appreciated, wondered about, laughed at, put on a pedestal, etc. This photo maintains the humanity of the guys and the proper distance of the photographer. It leaves them be. It is voyeuristic in the way all photos are but you have not gotten in the way of it at all. I think this is among your best work, both technically and emotionally.

Judy R
Very nice capture of the essence of friendship. The gentle water movement surrounding them adds to the sense of their companionship.

Matt Rosemier
Thanks, Fred.

Matt Rosemier
Gareth and Marcos On a sunny Day in Hyde Park, London, England. Thanks for any and all ratings or comments.

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