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by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 1st of March 2007 01:22:00 PM


Salvador Penaloza
Sensual !! Another great picture from you John, congratulations for both, well done bravo !

Thomas Collins
Simply wonderful John. I've been away from PN awhile and this is certainly a nice way to be welcomed back. I too have made a very good friend recently, in similar fashion to your's above. Life is good. :-)

Darren Henry
You have an M.C. Escher type of illusion happening here with the table and the floor. Very nice blending job! The photo is fantastic! The skin tones in your B&W's are incredible!

Michael Meneklis
Visit please and make a comment my friend. http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5666454

Antanas Strazdas
Very good composition.

John Peri
Ah yes Escher, a long time since I came across him. I used to get totally carried away in student days by his fascinating illusions ... well, I guess the young lady has exceptionally nice skin tones and an athletic body, so it photographs well .. and the grace of course .. and grace is as much a quality of the mind as of the body which responds to it ... hum, that's an Escherism! I am particularly grateful to her for allowing me to show her remarkable works. I'm just the photographer that seizes the moment. The moment is hers.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful,lovely model, perfect skin tones and B&W. Regards, John. Alberto

Ken Thalheimer
This is simply beautifully done John. The pose, toning, exposure are all there. I knew it was yours without seeing the name

Michael Meneklis
I like gym very much John.

Alistair Jones
Inspiring John, top work again. Another fantastic image. The lighting, the model and the framing all spoyt on. Your work is very inspiring!

Michael Meneklis
Go back for my answer. I am very designing fellow, I send you in my page and I stay alone with your model .

A Wolf
NO photoshop Wow! i doubt she needed any photoshop :o) and if im asked to get all techy here ...divide that pic up into thirds .... also for some reason i can also see this in Bronze or something IE: like THE KISS again John i doubt you can take a bad picture of a woman!!!

John Peri
Good question Chris. We spoke very little, we took photos. We just did what came naturally at that moment (oh, and she helped finalize this posting). Michael, you can have my car, my camera, my house, anything you want ... but you can't have my model ... lol.

joseph mo
but I just want one!

Vartan Martaian
!!! 7/7

C. Daunis
What I love best is that this is provocative without being very revealing. Your sympatico with this model is impressive, did she seem to know what you wanted without even asking or being told?

sergio perillo
una bellissima visione

Tammy V.
so inspiring when you find that connection. nicely done you two!

John Peri
My friend, my model and accomplice .. .. in no special order. She also taught me all I needed to know about photoshop but never understood before ..

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