Terry, who I might add is married to me which makes me a very lucky fellow

by Chepikian Paul

terry who i might add is married to me which makes seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Wednesday 28th of February 2007 08:25:44 AM


Erik Barnes
Beautifully done Hey Paul, Very well done. Very nice lighting on her face. One of the better Portraits I've seen yet. Any PS work to this image or just lighting? If you did any PS work I would love to know what you did and how you did it. Contact me. Regards, Erik Oh,Yes she is Beautiful.

Erik Barnes
Reply Thanks Paul, I've always wondered how they do that. I LOVE the effect you get from using the filter. I will definately use that and I appreciate your help with this. Take care and happy shooting. Regards, Erik

Randy Martin
THANKS FOR COMMENTING UMM I THINK YOUR oops caps...anyways i must say you water picture is better than mine and the reason is because you had better lighting haha and uh better camera no doubt. Yet this makes an incredible photographer keep it up and your story was pretty sweet

Paul Chepikian
Hi Erik: This was mostly lighting but the features were a bit harsh so I used a filter in Photoshop. You can find it under "Distort" and then "Diffuse Glow." Experiment a bit and you'll get an effect you like. The filter can be used very little to soften things up a bit or harsher for a more abstract look. I've attached a sample file that shows the variations of the filter. You have to choose the background and foreground color prior to accessing the filter. I usually use Black and White. Thanks for the comments!

Paul Chepikian
Terry My absolutely beautiful wife, Terry.

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