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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Monday 26th of February 2007 05:06:24 PM


John Peri
una virginale donna "internationale" Alon, Carlo, you are very observant, thank you. Apart from her evident beauty, this model is a source of considerable inspiration for me. Since meeting her, this reflects not only in the photos that I take of her but of other girls too.

Sharon Jobe
Compelling! John, what I find totally amazing is when your models sit on their bare bottoms they keep their shape!! As you grow older, most bottoms start to scrunch up and get puckered and other unattractive things, but this bottom is a work of art! The curve of her back is perfection, I truly love this! Have you made a deal for a book yet? Do it John, it would be breath taking, inspiring, and all your masterpieces could be held in peoples hands!! Or maybe that's exactlly what you don't want!!

Michael Raddatz
aesthetic here is just terrific

Bodyline Photos
John I love the pose,expression and especially the post processing. Very nice sculpturing on her back.

C. Daunis
This is a great image, John. The pose, the blue, and that amazing glance at the camera. Inspired work, by the both of you.

Alberto Quintal
Relly good, pose, look, very original, John. Cheers. Alberto

Alon Eshel
Something good is happening to you . I always love your work and lately you make an even more outstanding work

John Peri
Thank you Michael and all the others too. Very largely due to the exceptionally graceful model.

Michael Meneklis
Master of the nudes Very nice and sensual your blue period John. I like it very much. The pose is very interesting and your model very beautiful and areal woman not a pin-up girl. Congratulations Master of the nudes.

Sweid Sideris
There are something different outcroping from this work you done. It's different from your former jobs, I don't know exactly what it is. A different concept at all, almost a renacentist expression in her very young face, una virginale donna italiana, same with the pose, the tonal range of her skin (due mainly to lightning) and the background reminding an atelier des artistes. Perhaps the most romantic atmosphera I ever seen in your collection.

Massimo Santoni
Lovely and sweet model, John! Nicely captured from your sensitive eye.

John Peri
Sitting nude figure in blue .

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