X-mas zoom

by Schlecht Nem W.

x mas zoom schlecht nem w

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Published: Friday 8th of February 2002 09:07:35 AM


Arthur Sevestre
This technique can always make for a surprising shot, even if it's of a very unoriginal object. What I find quite appealing here, is the slight tilt, which makes it look playful. Happy shot!

Daniel Andrade Nunes
NICE I fully agree with the comment above! Also, you could try a double exposure. take a straight shot then another while zooming in or out.

Nem W. Schlecht
Thanks! At the time, I was going for a steady movement zoom. One of my other shots with this tree was to click open, wait a moment, then zoom. Similar effect to a double exposure, but I liked the look of this one better. ;-)

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