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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Sonny DeLeo
She is a beautifull striking model. Nice sexy pose good tones. The absense of color works well here. Nicely done. <>< Sonny <><

Umair Ghani
i agree, ur choice of models is superb. immaculate percision at shooting these images comes naturally with u now. all that labour of love! regards!

Fran Garcia

Yianni Chrysostomidis
Wonderful composition and excellent control of light!

John Peri
Ha .. good title Michael, thank you.

John Peri
I always knew Sherlock Holmes was Finnish .. his real name was Holminnnen

Michael Meneklis
Very good sepia. The last tango by the Master John. Bravo my friend.

Timo Hartikainen
When I saw the thumbnail photo of this, I knew that it's John's image, because I could see that wine glass.

John Peri
Thank you very much Peter, and the others too. I think it is the models that contribute very strongly to the impact of these images. More often than not, beyond the good looks they have a strong artistic sense.

Jim Phelps
A Striking contrast to the color foto!

Alberto Quintal
Another hit, Fantastic. Cheers. Alberto

Adrian Bocan
Beatiful. Adrian

Peter Harvey
Zs 916 You are simply the best. I see the name John Peri, and I look , I look , and I keep looking. In my opinion it is impossible not to give top marks. These ladies should feel honoured to sit before your lens. You sure do every one them justice. You dictate perfection. Thanks for allowing us to view. Peter Harvey. P.S. Have you ever shot a simple ordinary photo ?

John Peri
Young lady with a glass of champagne .

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