Wild Turkey in Flight

by Melanson Jody

wild turkey in flight seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Thursday 22nd of February 2007 02:57:10 PM


Leroy Laverman
Good action shot of this turkey. One doesn't get to see these in flight very often. Ben Franklin would be proud.

Jan Piller
Excellent Good grab! A whole flock of these flew past the car last week and I did not have my camera with me! This is an excellent capture!

Nadeem Khawar
Exellent. very sharp.

Bill Garber
Exceptional Capture! Regards, B.

Jeff H
Love it! I agree, you don't see a turkey in flight too often and you've done well capturing this guy! Great detail!

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice, g. Jitka

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Excellent!! 7/7.

Jody Melanson
Wild Turkey in Flight Got a face only a mother could love.... Please view larger...

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