ZS 902

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 21st of February 2007 02:58:28 PM


Al Li
John Tanya is right, please let me help you with you kitchen floor. Love this, I have to try this in my kitchen on day. Alex

Tanya Truong
Seriously John... ...i am glad you did not loose your balance and trip over on the kitchen floor while...washing. You must have had your camera around your neck; then, all the sudden, you see this exotic, striking, beautiful Flower sitting there.... Wow! I think it will be the bestseller artwork if sold at Crate and Barrel ;o). Poor John! don't wash the floor too much. Strenous physical work might... accelerate your heartbeats to a dangerous level. Of course, at the same time, that's when the best photographs come about ;o). Hehe! I think there will be a lot of photographers on PN who want to help you out.

John Peri
What these young ladies will not do for the sake of art .. but then champagne is wonderful anywhere one sits Esther .. !

John Peri
Alex, kitchens, couches, we just trade them one day ok ..

Michael Meneklis
One more good shot with excellent colors and a very nice composition.

John Peri
Hello Axel, all my photos are done with natural light or a flash attached to the camera. In this particular case, I just bounced the light of an adjoining wall.

Bryon Z
I like this shot, it's got a light playful feeling to it. I can't explain it but the cigarette takes part of the playful feeling away for me. Very creative John... ~b~

Axel Cordes
Hello John, thank you - so I wasn't too far from the truth. My next step in developing my skills will be 'light' - Thank you Regards Axel

Howard Dion
Wonderful and natural and just plain easy to look at! Regards, Howard

Robert Gordon
You don't really expect any sympathy, do you?

Esther N
LoL...funny description :). I like the lightning etc of the picture, but the pose seems really uncomfortable.

Steve P.
Great capture. Great juxtaposition when you consider all the babies that get a wash in the kitchen sink. I defend the cigarette, although the wine seems to get a little lost against the tile wall.

Axel Cordes
John >while I am washing the kitchen floor If you do the excellent job with the flor same way as with the camera, she really do not need shoes to step on it. :-) Lightning: All your images have a way using light which shows that you take much care of it. I would like to learn a little out of them, but the small size does not make it easy to analyze. (I understand why you drop them so smal - no problem) - You may give me a hint on the light? Looks like natural light of the window (but where is the window - no real shaddows can be seen) - plus a straight forward fillflash (bounced?) or do you work with a real light equipment (I don't think so!?) - Thank you Regards Axel

Raymond Elstad

I don't know how I've missed this one all these years. Charming it IS!


John Peri
Seriously, is that fair now ... .. while I am washing the kitchen floor .... !

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