The Woodcarver ("fixed")

by Rosemier Matt

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Published: Tuesday 20th of February 2007 09:06:00 AM


Matt Rosemier
Wow, thanks, Micki. I'm glad you like the guy's face the way it is. I can understand the feelings of the other members who have commented with a desire to see more, but for me it really works a lot better with him not connecting with the camera. In this case I like it that the 4th wall remains intact. Some background info... It was really warm out--it was a beautiful day in Nice--and so the dog wasn't trying to stay warm. It's a good supposition, but I think the dog curled up like to gain a little privacy (they live on the street). I did try to buy the stick, but he wouldn't sell it for any price. It was amazing too, much cooler than the photo would indicate. He flagged me down the next day however, and gave me a wooden bowl (plain, no carved designs) that he may or may not have carved himself. He had a beat up old frying pan that had some coins in it (I cropped it out, it was an ugly teflon-coated thing) in front of him, so I guess his carving was sort of a form of busking. I could have easily taken a photo that included his face, since I asked his permission to take his picture before I did so. I normally don't ask when I take "Street", but when my subject is obviously homeless and living on the street, I ask, since the street is their home and so I am essentially in their house. It would be rude IMO to just go into someone's home and start snapping away without permission. I dropped a Euro into the pan before I asked as well. Again, i feel that it's a courtesy when photographing buskers. He spoke no English, my French vocabulary is just double digits and so the exhange took place mostly through hand signs and facial expressions. When I got him to understand that I wanted him to just do what he was already doing, he acquiesced and I took the photo. I thanked him and he nodded without looking up and that was it; I had my shot. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the great rating.

Paul Yechout
I really like these candid pictures. Although it could have been cropped tighter, and included his face. Keep Shooting...

Micki F.
7/7 Matt, I LOVE this with the face like it is! Ok... here is why ~ I don't want to see his face. That is not why this picture is taken. The focus is not his face. The focus is on his hands and the "carving". Your title is the focus.

I really love this picture. I started off saying that because I will probably write too much but there are so many elements in this picture that make this FANTASTIC that I wanted to start off with that. First off I love carved sticks and I collect them. This one I like because it is almost done and it has a swirl to it. I wonder if he is making it to sell so that he can buy himself a cup of coffee (or something else). It is obvious that everything he owns is in that bag he sits on. I see that he has another stick to work on and that makes me happy because just maybe if I were there I might be able to give him $20 to get a wonderful stick. Just maybe $50 and I would feel good about buying something and still giving him money to help him in his time of need.

Now the dog. WOW, the dog is not disturbed. The dog alone gets 7's. All curled up into a ball. It must be cold as I have not seen a dog sleep like that unless it is about 45 degrees outside. He is wearing that hat so I do assume it is cold. The little radio the big shoes (they look to big). The hair, and the face that is downwards not CARING that you are taking a picture. These are all wonderful elements and YOU have captured them all with dignity! I consider this a great picture and The colors and texture and contrast are perfect

Thank you for sharing it with us and me. ~ micki

Matt Rosemier
The Woodcarver I had to do a little PS with this one. Thanks for ratings/comments.

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