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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Frank Kinser
I think the version you have posted as well as the suggestion for a tighter crop have their valid points. It would probably depend on my mood as to which one I preferred at the moment. The model is absolutely sumptuous. My personal tastes lean towards, dark, raven haired, mysterious women. The pose is provocative yet sultry. The blue, green filter simply adds to the mystique. Her pose, the way she is playing with her hair and a downward gaze makes the scene very dreamy and passionate. I would definitely put this into the category of fine art. Of course almost all of your work is in this category, just some more so than others ;-) Great photograph.

Anthony J Deffina
John- I'm not sure of your intent here...but this looks very much like the viewer is looking through a window at an erotic mannequin. Pretty cool. -Anthony

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent once again. Great light with a touch of elegant tonal effect. Lovely execution. Just wish to clone out the photo frame from there. Rgds.

Bodyline Photos
Surreal colouration that adds the the overall feel.

Michael Meneklis
I agree absolutely with Aurelien. Bravo John.

Nic Bower
very cool great shot

Alon Eshel
The composition and provocative posing create a beautiful scene . The tone is perfect

Alberto Quintal
Original, exellent! 7/7. Alberto

Antanas Strazdas
Perfect composition! Tones is super!

David McCracken
Indeed good! Indeed this is good but I do find the black band to the left a distraction.

Isaac Madera
yowza hot stuff man!

Howard Dion

John Peri
I find it gets a little "lonely" without either the frame or the beginning of the other room to the left .. but that is taste of course ... many thanks.

Richard Deng
Wonderful, she looks like a piece of modern sculpture.

Pedro de Luisa
Imagen rotunda, muy impactante, preciosa. Just wonderful!

John Peri
Thank you Frank and to the others also. I am pleased that I was able to convey the importance of the mood which goes beyond the presence of a naked young woman. I am particularly grateful to the model who contributed so strongly by her understanding of the purpose. She is a great artist in her own right.

Justin Grant
sexy. ...very...

Conte Oliver
Excellent shot! Congrats.

Jeny Plante
Impactante felicitaciones !

Jason Carreira
I thought the same about the mannequin... Reminded me of a sex museum I went to in Amsterdam ;)

Danny Springgay
John's back Pure Art John 7/7

Aurelien Le Duc
Quite different as usual, John, but very well realised. You nudes are always evocating, but never provocating (in my opinion, due to the presence of Hairs, hiding sex). In one word, I love your work :)

Umair Ghani
it seems that u r under an essential spell of eccentric creativity that is hallmark of any great artist. superb images, one after the other. regards!

Dirk Juergensen
A wonderful, extraordinary master piece!

Vittorio Pellazza
Composition/balance... In my opinion a great composition. The key is gentleness of touch of girl and glass/frame on the wall. The effect is a strange balanced image where, sexual heavy pose, is soothed by cold objects, transforming erotic in sensual. Great composition. Congratulations.

Harald M├╝mmler
hmmm ... I find - the Black Band is a MUST ! regards Harald

John Peri
Thank you Romeo. This one needed a little thought actually.

Romeo Calin
it is perfect .. the way it is. cropped gets to be to 'sharp'. there are to many straight lines and corners and the left side softens them, helping the model within the composition. like John said: it keeps her company. i really like this one. the way her legs are, blows me away. there is such a great transition from the floor to her face. when the right one seems that had been 'taking over' by the floor the other one still maintains the balance between the soft and hard, with a defense approach to the idea of invasion. i am torn between giving you a seven or less. because of my 'statue of limitations' i start to think if i do offend others artists like you with my little knowledge of 'how" was done by giving you a seven. i already think i have rated some more than they would supposed to be(not yours).my bad. ....this one, its great thinking, posing and shooting.

John Peri
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