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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Author: Simon Janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Friday 16th of February 2007 05:54:07 PM


Antanas Strazdas
Very beautiful!

Hely Yli-Kaitala
This photo is beautifull but its image of women is typical which makes it a bit uninteresting when thinking it's meaning.

Don Pace
Dynamic It's so much more dynamic than most shots I see here. It's a good pose that really draws the eyes in. The angle, composition, and color are good. I agree with the comment on the foot, although I'm more focused on the lovely posterior.

Jeffrey Teague
I like the way the left leg and it's shadow pulls my eye into the photo. It is a clever twist!

Ged Murphy
wonderful perspective and a superb splash of colour

Greg Maszyna
Janosch i really like it, beautiful set up, full of motion and energy... Hely what is uninteresting about this photo???

Leonardo Villalobos
7 / 7 Love it !

Isaac Madera
not very often do i see an image that blows me away. this is down right perfect in every shape and form. from the lighting right down to the pose.. the hair didnt even have to do that and it would still look good, but the fact that it IS blowing around like that puts this right over the top. i can only hope that i will someday come close to this kind of quality. very well my friend... very well!

Illat Jerome
Perfect light. Gorgeous composition and movement. Regards

Casey A
I really like the motion in her hair, but I don't like how big her foot looks.

Sergey Skleznev
Excellent! Very well done - excellent use of UWL. Thank you for sharing!

amir mukhtar
it is twisty and innovative pic. great perspective. regards. amir.

Dong HJ
zolo! beautiful model and light! the shadow looks like "Z".

Gianni Candido
Hi Nice composition ! Gianni Candido www.candido.org

Alejandro Gonzalez
wow, this is pure art!!! thanks for sharing!

Janosch Simon
"JJ2" kind regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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