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Published: Wednesday 14th of February 2007 11:30:35 PM


Jennifer Anderson
Thanks! I actually played around with the contrast in ps. It was a lovely color photo, and I wanted it to have a surreal look as a black and white.

Sherry Kersell
this photo needs to move up in the ratings. it's cute, refreshing and original. the tones and contrast are nice. i love the sharpness and focus on the one eye and the lighting is pleasing! simply adorable!

Michael Ging
Jennifer, Excellent composition and framing of the girls face.Having the one eye is perfect. The only thing I would do is burn down the area, down and to the left of her face. It draws the eye away from the subject.I would burn down the top a little too. thanks for sharing it.

Bridgette E
Beautiful portrait.

Jennifer Anderson
Grace Please critique

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