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by Soini Hannu

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Published: Tuesday 13th of February 2007 01:56:10 PM


Hannu Soini
Thank You! Lucioperca Lucioperca Pikeperch look like a cross between perch and pike, although they are not closely related to either. Upon the arrival of twilight, they begin their hunt for food, as their eyes are well adapted to the dark. Pikeperch are predators and consume roach, perch and stickleback, which they pursue and grab with their large sharp teeth. Pikeperch prosper in large muddy lakes in the south of Finland and along coastal regions, with the exception of the Bay of Bothnia. During spawning season, between May and June, they pair up and spawn in shallow gravel and sand bottoms. Both the male and female stay on to protect the growing offspring. Pikeperch can grow up to one meter in length and reach a maximum weigh of 15 kilograms. Pikeperch are economically valuable fish; many even prefer their meat to that of salmon.

Marc Loiselle
Hannu Hi...nice pic...i think that's a walleye.

Alberto Quintal
Great colors and details, I like it. Alberto

Hannu Soini
Thank You Alberto! I am glad You like it- hope to reveal more detail colors when it is allowed to fish it again (in June:))

Hannu Soini
Fish from the net under ice... Closeup /larger view - of the pikeperch colors. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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