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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 11th of February 2007 05:47:53 PM


Fran Garcia
john excellent like always regards my friend fran garcia

Alberto Quintal
Lovely, great work, John. Alberto

Al Li
Beautiful, love the color of this one. Yet, I like the second one the most, so natual with such beautiful tone.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Very nice use of colour in the first image, John - the orange cushion, the yellow shoes, the pastel shades of the colours of her clothes and the skin tones all combine really well. I really like the 2nd monochrome as well. The model's pose just accentuates the beauty of her form and especially her legs and feet. Nicely done sir!

Bodyline Photos
I love the luminosity of the colours all of which are totally complimentary. combined with the model's pose it all comes together nicely as a strong comp.IMHO the shot would be stronger cropped down. Nice work AGAIN John!

Glenn Wainman
My eye is taken towards the floor reflection. nice candid nude though

John Peri
... and then ..

John Peri
.. the shoot begins ..

Tanya Truong
A room with a...view... it's no wonder your 'camera' wants to capture every possible angle of...'this view' ;o). Also, i love the color tones of this photo...somewhat earthy, somewhat hot. John, now, i know what you mean by 'follow the model' ;o).

Michael Meneklis
Wow... Very beautiful capture of one more nice model. The colors are perfect and the pose very natural. It's my turn now for a sleepless night -:)

John Peri
Two of you have rightfully commented on the large space visible in front of the model, which may be found distracting. Thank you. My purpose was not so much to take a glamour shot as to show the context and environment in which this first photo was taken. The model was not posing. She was lying on the couch, singing alongside the record playing at the time. I told her that her natural pose was lovely, and so we started off with that in the session .... unfortunately, already in the first shot, the spontaneity has left. Time moved on however, and then she became herself again.

Glenn Wainman
John considering your comment, the image now tells me a whole new story and the environment is imortant and totaly cool. I think it gives life to the moment as a great candid shot.

Javier Diaz
When I saw the photo, my fist comment was going to be that without underwear and in B/W would have benn very nice, then I saw the other pictures and explanation Really nice John.

John Peri
Waiting for me to get my camera ready ..

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