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Published: Saturday 10th of February 2007 08:24:16 PM


Adan Wong
You are taking me for a ride and I like the scenery.

Fred G
Matt-- Great stuff! Creates a nice sense of depth and movement. You seem to have set the camera just right and achieved a perfect blur effect. The greens are lush and beautiful. There seems to be a magental hue to the road. Gives it an unreal feel, but also complements the green quite nicely. I'll need a little more time to decide if that aspect works for me or not. That minor detail aside, though, really good photo.

Matt Rosemier
Thank you to both of you, Adan and Fred. Adan, riding through the dappled corridors of England's roads to the sea is an experience I wish upon you. Fred you too, and you will see that the smooth lavender of these roads in real life is a perfect compliment to the textured greens and greys that flash by overhead. and everybody drives on the other side of the road.

Matt Rosemier
English Road #3 thanks for ratings or comments

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